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About Us

Who We Are?

Xoopah.com is a Web Design & Hosting company that makes it easy to get your business website designed at an affordable fee via our design teams. So, if you’re not used to a website builder or don’t have time to create a website yourself – you’ve come to the right place.

  • Why Choose Xoopah?

    Help is Only a Few Clicks Away

    Our support staff is readily available at your command. From pre – order queries to post purchase questions, we’ll always be around to help you out.

  • Why Choose Xoopah?

    Free Domain with each Order

    If you’ve selected our Annual Subscription, we will secure a standard Website Domain of your choice!

  • Why Choose Xoopah?

    Our Process is Super Easy!

    A simple 5-minute process. No need to learn how to use a Website Builder here. All you need to do is Find your Dream Domain and tell us a little bit about what kind of a website you’re looking for. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Why Choose Xoopah?

    There’s never a need to chase us for Website Updates

    Wondering what’s the update on your website? We’ve got Project Managers to do that for you at every step. Plus, you can always view the Progress on your website via your Xoopah account

  • Why Choose Xoopah?

    Great Value for Money!

    Your entire web design, setup, pictures and extremely valuable input from the team – starting from just $499. You also get a team that designs and maintains the entire website for you. We’ll do the hard work for you!

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