The #1 Birdeye
Alternative is Xoopah

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Birdeye Alternative That Will Enable
your business to grow locally

A one window solution that will provide your business with the right tools
to grow exponentially.


Xoopah is the #1 Birdeye Alternative

With Xoopah, you don’t have to worry about the online presence of your business. Boost conversions,
get noticed, & build a successful online business!


Automate Appointment


Manage all Information
about your Business


Create a Customer
Contact Directory


Get Paid Instantly with
Payment Gateways


Automate SMS
Communication & Updates


Automate Invoice


Manage Interactions in
One Place


Merge all Communication

Revolutionize your Google
My Business (GMB)

Want your business to show up where it matters the
most? Connect seamlessly with Google My Business and
create visibility for your business. Google My Business
enables your online business to reach a new level of
visibility with its easy-to-use business management tools.
Manage reviews, post photos & special offers, and add
/edit business details, all from one platform.

Xoopah offers its clients the facility of managing their
Google My Business account to improve online visibility
and achieve the following:

Improve Local SEO by appearing top in

Appear in relevant searches every time

Build trust and reputation via online reviews


Verify your business on Google & build

Add photos & information to showcase
your business

Share offers & promotions on Google for
quick conversions

View business & customer insights to
make informed business decisions

Interact with customers & update them

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Xoopah’s Superior Messaging Platform
brings you closer to your customers

Xoopah’s Templates

Streamline messaging & communication
by creating & managing templates for
SMS, Email, and Chat. Xoopah’s template
management tool allows you to save time
& send predefined text to your
customers, keeping them up-to-date.

Xoopah’s Mailing List

Keep track of all your customers & share
important information via email to keep
them up to date with the latest products,
promotions, & business updates.

Xoopah’s Contact Hub

Get a unified view of all your customer
information & manage interactions with
Xoopah’s one-stop solution.

What makes Xoopah the number #1
Alternative to Birdeye?

Xoopah is a popular alternative to Birdeye used by thousands of
businesses to improve their online presence and attract new customers.

Xoopah offers:

Business Management

With Xoopah, you can transform your business and
its online presence with best-in-class practices &
tools at your disposal. Improve your online
presence, boost revenue & conversions, and
provide superior customer experience with
Xoopah’s business management solutions.

Xoopah’s all-in-one platform allows your business to
create a solid digital footprint and help grow your
customer-base. With Xoopah, you can:

Let the world know what your
business is about

Communicate business offerings &

Share geographical details

Generate leads online

Run campaigns

Manage payments


Contact Hub

Xoopah enables your businesses to streamline how
you communicate with your customers. Equip your
business with the right tools to send

Xoopah’s Contact Hub not only stores your
customer details, it also creates personalized
communication enabling you to collect payments,
assign clients to groups, share special discounts &
update regularly.

Create outbound customer
communication on multiple channels

Automate outbound communication

Keep track of customer communication

Measure performance of customer

Keep customers up-to-date

Enhance customer experience


Never worry about receiving payments & clearing
dues. Xoopah enables businesses to enter the
world of digital by:

Providing a payment gateway for
online payments

Auto generate invoices and share
with customers

Share payment reminders & updates
with customers via SMS or Email


Xoopah brings all your GMB reviews
into one convenient location

From your master dashboard, you can easily:

See all reviews in one

Get a unified view of all
reviews and respond

Keep track of your

See why people like or
dislike your services & tailor
your business accordingly

Respond timely to customers
who give low ratings

Manage customer satisfaction and
grievances quickly and prevent your
business from rating low online

Increase transparency of your
business and create visibility

Manage all reviews with transparency
and show superior customer service
by being proactive with customer


Get paid more effectively
with Xoopah

With Xoopah as your partner, you can provide
superior customer experience to all your clients
by making it super-easy for them to pay online
for availed services.


Digital Invoices

Create and share invoices
digitally with customers
instantly, ensuring timely
communication & better


Instant Payments

Forget waiting days for
payments to be processed.
Get paid instantly with
Xoopah’s payment


Payment Gateway

Create easy check-out
experience for customers
with payment gateways to
smoothen the process


Payment Dues Reminders

Send instant notifications &
regular reminders to customers
about upcoming & pending