Best Online Experience In Healthcare Businesses: How Can You Provide?


The global pandemic had a profound effect on healthcare personnel. Hospitals and insurance companies went to great lengths to care for patients as other businesses closed their doors.

Great customer service is crucial in the healthcare industry because people seek medical attention when they are sick and anxious. What does the best online experience  mean in an online setting?

It’s harder than ever to win over a new generation of clients with personalized service. We’ve found that younger generations, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, are significantly more critical of organizations that don’t meet their standards of best online experience.

To be found online, you no longer only need a website. As a result, all industries realize the importance of taking a more proactive approach to their online presence. This rule applies to healthcare providers as well!

Many patients are visiting your website to access their online portal or locate the contact information for their physician, but this is not the type of traffic that generates new customers. Existing patients expect the best online experience and a functional website.

When it comes to attracting new patients, a good user experience and online presence can be revolutionary!

What Are Patients Interested In?


The healthcare sector is extremely crowded and cutthroat. Your web presence will probably impact whether a patient chooses your practice (even if they weren’t recommended to you directly). They are going to be evaluating the following to determine the best online experience:

  • Do you have a solid reputation? Do such reviews inspire confidence? Do you respond to negative reviews professionally and in a way that helps you make amends with customers who had a bad experience?

  • Do you offer the medical services or providers they require? Is it obvious what is included in your services? Do the providers have a personality that would make them feel comfortable disclosing personal information?

  • Do you offer them materials they can see online before deciding to visit your office?

Approaches To The Best Online Experience

A prospective patient should regard your online presence as the route leading to your actual front door. Let’s look at the following approaches to enhance your online presence and, as a result, increase the number of new patients coming to your healthcare company.

  • Adapt To Patient Needs in VR

While some of the recent improvements in healthcare were transient, the advent of telemedicine is probably here to stay.

Since 2019, there has been a 38x growth in the number of patients using telemedicine, and 76% of patients say they plan to use it in the future. The challenge of patient care management is being lessened by new tools, altering how patients and clinicians interact.

As customers shifted from in-person to online healthcare appointments during the pandemic, telemedicine inquiries for the company increased by 400%.

In order to ensure the best online experience, Xoopah equips your small business with infrastructure that enables you to onboard new customers and support existing ones.

Xoopah provides small and medium-sized healthcare enterprises with the ideal digital platform to help them expand rapidly online. By increasing your company’s visibility, Xoopah makes it easier to find, serve, and keep new clients.

  • Take Visitors Through The Buyer’s Journey

Were you previously audited for your website’s content? It’s astonishing how much information you can glean from such an experience. As a matter of fact, it’s a huge undertaking that requires regular updates.

The vast majority of healthcare businesses can’t say they’ve completed an in-depth content assessment.

For example, one of our heart-care customers observed a big difference when we produced one for them and then used the Inbound Marketing technique in their marketing efforts. Their content had a lot of flaws in it that were preventing visitors from progressing through the buyer’s journey.

Content and tools were generated for them to keep the process going forward and generate leads through their website when we discovered those gaps in the system.

What is your website doing for you if it isn’t guiding visitors through the buyer’s journey? So much of lead generation isn’t about fast wins but building trust via resource after resource that eventually gives leads solutions to their problems. As long as you can demonstrate that your product or service is the best solution to a customer’s problem, you’ve won the lead-generation game while providing the best online experience.

  • Humanize Patient-Centered Digital Healthcare


Improve patient access to care and streamline communications throughout the patient journey, from online scheduling to automated appointment reminders to secure telemedicine visits.

Data collection for patients can be automated, saving healthcare practitioners time and resources. Because of this, it improves the quality of care for patients.

When patients are able to securely communicate with healthcare providers and check in for appointments on their mobile devices, the entire process becomes more efficient.

In order to provide data or obtain data from clients, healthcare patient management no longer requires external tools. Now, you can complete every task straight in Xoopah.

  • Improve Complaint Resolution

More than in any other industry, a complaint in a healthcare setting may have an urgent context.

Customers can grow impatient and frustrated while waiting for their issues to be addressed. A quicker resolution of complaints improves the patient experience in healthcare settings.

People who have had good customer service in the healthcare industry are more likely to continue with the business.

On the other hand, it will also be true that one bad customer experience may be all it takes to lose a customer for good.

Xoopah offers its clients the ease of managing customer interactions with a single platform, integrated to provide businesses with access to manage:

  • Online Reviews

  • Online Surveys

  • Reputation Monitoring

  • Data-Driven Customer Service


The healthcare industry generates a lot of data, yet it is used in a non-productive manner.

Your company’s data should be analyzed statistically rather than piecemeal so that you can spot problems and come up with remedies.

Analytic and omnichannel platforms can be used to understand your customers’ needs better and help you improve the healthcare customer experience for your business.

With Xoopah, you can keep track of and organize customer feedback and reviews about your company so that you can make wise decisions.

  • Use AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis

Understanding how patients feel about your care services is crucial for improving the patient experience.

AI-driven sentiment analysis may examine and classify feedback based on factors like wait times, staff friendliness, or treatment results. Managing and analyzing all the data might be challenging.

  • Examine Your Call Centre’s Responsiveness To Healthcare Marketing


Even if your call center can’t handle calls properly, you still lose money and opportunities even if you have the best healthcare marketing approach in your area. Any of the following may be discovered by conducting an audit of your patients’ contact center interactions:

  • Waiting periods for potential customers

  • Consumer confusion or disinformation

  • Slow scheduling a staff member’s failure to explain or advertise your healthcare services

  • There is no plan to compel customers to commit or schedule an appointment.

We firmly believe no healthcare marketing plan is complete without sufficient training for your call center. You and your staff can learn from this how to best represent your brand.


Customers’ opinions of your business, healthcare systems, and offline and online offerings could make or break your company.

Customers in the healthcare industry yearn for services that are focused on them. Your clients will be seeking for your company to prioritize keeping the customer at the center of operations, focusing on customer data, customer-centric processes, and customer-friendly people when they want the best online experience  in healthcare.

In order to increase consumer happiness and loyalty, the healthcare business must concentrate on providing world-class care as well as good client experiences.

Xoopah gives its healthcare clients an all-in-one platform by utilizing the power of the internet so that patients may easily access its services.

With Xoopah’s unified customer interaction platform services, you may lessen the requirement for various software programs and platforms to handle patient contacts and revamp your healthcare organization.

Get a one-stop shop for all of your customer relationship tools right away!

Best Online Experience FAQs

How do you develop the best patient experience?

Measuring an experience is one of the most crucial steps in producing a remarkable one. Giving patients the chance to submit real-time feedback makes them feel valued and provides the clinic with access to a wealth of insightful information.

What makes for a good healthcare experience?

Patient experience, which is a crucial aspect of healthcare quality, includes several aspects of care delivery that patients highly value when they seek and receive care, such as scheduling timely appointments, having easy access to information, and having good communication with healthcare professionals.

What does a good patient experience look like?

Try to answer all of the patient’s queries to ensure a good experience. Encourage patients to express their opinions and, if they have any queries, to do so. In addition to making people feel more at ease around you, this also reassures them that you are not attempting to rush them out the door.