Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Out On (2023)

calendarSept 23, 2022
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Cyber Monday is one of the most important shopping days of the year, particularly for eCommerce companies. In 2020, eCommerce retailers earned more than $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday, a 4% increase from the previous year. Customers will expect even more offers this year, as they always do, and you will have to deliver.

If you don’t participate in the Cyber Monday shopping frenzy, you’re passing on many possible sales.

According to research by Mastercard, eCommerce sales increased during the 2019 Christmas season compared to 2018. This growth was 18.8 percent. In 2019, the nearly 83.3 million Americans who buy on Cyber Monday alone spent more than $9 billion.

According to the same Mastercard survey, Cyber Monday marketing strategies continues to dominate eCommerce holiday sales compared to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and other significant shopping days, accounting for 24.5 percent of holiday season retail spending.

So, how can you stand out this holiday season in the sea of internet retail? Utilize any or all of these six Cyber Monday marketing

strategies to increase revenue and lead generation.

What is Cyber Monday?

what is cyber monday

Regarding online sales, Cyber Monday is second only to Black Friday. The annual event always takes place on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday was established in 2005 by the National Retail Federation to increase online sales and extend the Black Friday frenzy.

The day is significant for the independent shop as well. As a result, they can compete with larger stores and generate more income without increasing their spending on costly forms of advertising. This is a fantastic chance for them to broaden their audience and boost sales. To increase online sales over time and provide a better experience for customers.

Why Cyber Monday Marketing Matters

The biggest online sales day is Cyber Monday. The day follows Thanksgiving, on Monday. Cyber Monday 2022 will take place on November 28.

It’s common practice for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing to coincide. Black Friday advertising for brick-and-mortar stores has always been to bring in new customers. After the success of Black Friday in the brick-and-mortar retail industry, Cyber Monday was established as its online counterpart.

Increased numbers of individuals shopped online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday because of the Covivirus X-19.5 epidemic. The market for online purchases is only expected to expand. In 2021 specifically, $62 million was made from Cyber Monday sales.

Your company could benefit greatly by participating in Cyber Monday. A solid Cyber Monday email marketing strategy can help you make the most of the occasion of this sale. What follows is the explanation of how to do this.

Cyber Monday Sale Trends That You Don’t Want to Miss On in 2023

Keep in mind that Cyber Monday evolves each year and that this year promises to be much more significant than ever before. New technologies are available and an increase in mobile customers, and you will need a fantastic marketing plan to carve out a niche for yourself.

We have identified many ongoing tendencies that you can ride to financial success over the coming year.

Shift to Omnichannel


The annual email campaign you used to send before the growth of mobile shopping won’t cut it now.

Consumers made over 61% of all online purchases on their smartphones in 2016, a 27% rise from the previous year. In addition to sending out a promotional email, you should also send out an SMS campaign, a chat message on Facebook or Whatsapp, and an ad on social media.

It can be infuriating to walk a consumer through your sales funnel after devising a strategy for the best Cyber Monday sale — meant to get them to the point of purchase — only to have the customer “X” out and go elsewhere.

Fortunately, omnichannel abandoned cart messaging can assist you in recovering that lost revenue. To save time and be more efficient, send automated triggered emails, SMS, and Messenger messages. These advertisements are meant to entice clients to return to your website and finish their transactions.

One of the best parts about producing these messages using ManyChat is that you can capture shoppers’ interest by including a gallery of the products they left behind.

Increased Focus On Personalization

An effective Cyber Monday strategy must emphasize personalization and creating a favorable brand experience for every customer.


can encompass a wide range of activities. Personalize your confirmation email, promotional emails, email popups, and coupon coupons, and optimize every touchpoint along the client journey.

With the use of personalization, your eCommerce firm may show product recommendations that are pertinent to your client’s needs and tailored to meet those needs, saving them significant time while they look for the ideal item to purchase.

Go All In On Customer Service


During the pandemic, online purchasing experienced a major upsurge, which resulted in an abundance of new possibilities and increased market competitiveness. Customers are becoming more selective in who they do business with.

Take a look at these statistics:

  • 86% of buyers are willing to spend more for a positive client experience.
  • 49% of buyers made spontaneous purchases after having a more personalized experience.
  • Two-thirds of businesses ompete primarily based on customer experience.

Top Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

  1. Use Growth Tools To Capture Website Visitors

Prepare your subscription lists ahead of time to offset the increase in ad expenses. This gives you a direct line to a warm audience that is more likely to respond to your offers and buy your products.

Develop Mobile-friendly Development Tools for your store and expand your subscription lists in the lead-up to Cyber Monday.

You can utilize various opt-in techniques to gather Messenger subscribers from website visitors, such as the opt-in bar.

  • Stand Out With A Surprising Cyber Monday Sale

Now that you’ve established a following, start a countdown to Cyber Monday to keep your brand in front of clients’ minds (an especially useful feature during a period of brand bombardment).

Separating your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can increase your website’s traffic on the latter. By running two sales, you can encourage clients to return on Monday to take advantage of your fresh offer.

Every day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brands offer different promotions. Send reminders via Messenger, One-time reminders, and email in addition to SMS to get more eyeballs on your message.

  • Create a Custom Landing Page

landing pages

It’s unrealistic to think people will stumble on your sales without help. Create a dedicated Cyber Monday landing page and promote it via calls to action (CTAs) throughout the rest of your site.

Make sure there are no unnecessary elements and the calls to action jump out at the reader.

  • Launch a Loyalty Or Rewards Program

It’s a terrific idea to provide members of your loyalty or rewards program with special, seasonal prizes on Cyber Monday. This can come in the shape of further savings or a free gift with purchase. Additionally, you can create several tiers and provide increasingly expensive items for each tier.

Additionally, you must encourage big spenders. You can give them superior return policies and rewards akin to those you give to your online VIP customers.

Lego provided a discount on certificates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year for its VIP members.

  • Power Up Retargeting Ads

Retargeting advertisements are compensated advertisements you utilize to interact with potential customers who have visited your website or social media profiles. It’s a terrific method for people to come back and look at your Cyber Monday deals.

In order to remind current customers about their preferred products, you may also combine retargeting advertisements with retargeting email campaigns.

It might also be a good idea to increase your advertising budget for the weeks leading up to and following Cyber Monday, depending on your work sector.

  • Prep Customer Support

xoopah small business

Another issue that eCommerce companies frequently experience during Cyber Monday is customer service.

According to Romain Lapeyre, CEO of Gorgias and a Shopify Plus partner specializing in customer care, support volume requests climb by 65% during the holiday season.

So, what does all of this mean? Make sure you have the correct people and tools available for any customer service needs.

Xoopah’s user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make it a perfect choice for large and small organizations. It consolidates client interactions from several platforms, making it easier for business owners to analyze, respond to, and maintain their online reputation and customer communication.


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