10 Engaging Christmas Newsletter Ideas With Examples

calendarDec 7, 2022
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The holiday season is approaching, and with it the need to create an engaging Christmas newsletter. And what a challenge it is! It should help you meet your yearly sales goals, but it shouldn’t be too salesy or obtrusive. We’ll give you Christmas Newsletter Ideas and show you how to create a successful holiday campaign.

10 Christmas Newsletter Ideas for Small Business

If this is your first Christmas newsletter, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Even if you’re a seasoned marketer, coming up with yet another creative holiday newsletter idea can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of holiday newsletter ideas and examples.

Here are some great Christmas newsletter ideas to inspire you to create the perfect December newsletter to help you crush sales like no other.

1- Trigger curiosity with a teasers email

During the holiday season, shoppers browse various websites before making a purchase.

To keep your customers interested in your holiday promotion, send them a small teaser email before it begins.

Provide the time and date of a promotion’s release without revealing what it will be. This way, you’ll stay in your customers’ minds, keeping them both thrilled and excited about what’s to come.

For inspiration, here is a successful Christmas newsletter template.

Teaser Email Example

2- Announce Upcoming Christmas Promotions

Using emails to announce deals is one of the best ways to combine them with any business activity. Because most businesses will have special discounts or offers from Christmas to New Year’s, newsletters can be used to publicize them.

Christmas Designers, a 40-year-old Florida and Texas-based retailer of Christmas decorations and lights, shared their best Christmas deals via the email below more than a month in advance.

upcoming Christmas email marketing example

3- Send Gift Guides for Christmas

Choosing a gift is not always easy, and many of us struggle to find the ideal gift. Your customers may be undecided or simply lost and could benefit from your assistance.

Gift guides are beneficial to your contacts and work well as a pre-Christmas email campaign. Send contacts various gift guides based on their interests to assist them in selecting their favorite gift and shopping with you.

Silver Mushroom, a family-owned company that sells homeware, kitchenware, and wellness products and accessories, demonstrates how to send an amazing Christmas holiday gift guide.

sneak peak christmas email gift guide example

4- Make your holiday email newsletter more interactive by including a quiz or a game

People enjoy playing games! Creating a fun and shareable online activity is a great way to reach people outside of your usual reach. Customers are more likely to send a cute mini game to their loved ones and friends than they are to share special deals and offers.

Here’s an example of a Taco Bell interactive Christmas newsletter:

holiday email newsletter with a game example

5- Newsletter with Merry Christmas Greetings

It’s nice to make a lot of money, but it’s more important to remember that it’s all about making your reader happy this holiday season. Don’t forget to send them a holiday newsletter to make the occasion memorable.

Tervis, a drinkware company that sells tumblers, mugs, water bottles, and other accessories, gets its Christmas wishes just right.

Newsletter with Merry Christmas Greetings Example

6- Give Away Timed Christmas Coupons

Nothing motivates a company’s customers more than receiving free coupons for discounts.

All you need to do is include a discount code in your Christmas newsletter and it will be delivered. However, it is preferable to deliver them earlier in the advent season rather than near Christmas.

Popcorn Factory, an online snacks retailer, decided to capitalize on the next 24 hours by offering an exclusive FREE shipping offer, valid only for the specified time period, via the use of a coupon code.

Email Give Away Timed Christmas Coupons Example

7- Send out last-minute calls

For various reasons, a diverse range of shoppers end up shopping at the end of any holiday occasion.

You must maximize your chances of generating revenue and gaining more customers.

Create a holiday email campaign for late shoppers, and if your product must be shipped, inform contacts that their order will be delivered on time.

Email Send out last minute calls Example

8- Offer free shipping

Free shipping may appear to be a minor perk, but it has a significant impact on your prospects’ purchasing decisions. And no one would refuse such an offer during the holiday season.

Offer your customers free shipping throughout the Christmas season, as shown in the Christmas email design below.

offer free shipping email example

9- Reward your loyal customers

The holiday season is all about spreading joy. Get closer to your customers by rewarding them during the holiday season.

This holiday newsletter idea can benefit you greatly without costing you much.

customer rewards email example

10- Thanking your subscribers

Finally, Christmas is a wonderful time to thank your subscribers for their loyalty and to express your love and gratitude to them. Warm and simple words can sometimes win someone’s heart.

Saying thanks helps to build stronger relationships with your customers. It also enhances the brand identity.

email thanking subscribers example

Make your Christmas newsletter stand out by using a themed design, interactive elements, and gamification, and don’t forget about special holiday offers. If you haven’t planned any discounts, it’s also fine to simply thank subscribers and send warm wishes.

Send happy holidays message to clients and increase loyalty and profit at the end of the year. We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!