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Your Google My Business account is essential for improving your local ranking on the search engine results. Attracting more visitors and inquiries about your business increases lead conversion. With google my business management tools, your business can ensure proper management of their Google My Business account.

We are here to bring you the best gmb audit tools to optimise your gmb account and everything that comes with it. The algorithm has changed over the years. Google has become even more specific with their selection of which websites to show on the first page and how to rank them. The gmb audit tools are an essential part of this journey to help you manage your Google My Business account. Basically the best google tools for business will help you with analysing what you need to change in your Google My Business account.

The ideal gmb audit tools will help you improve your online business visibility. Moreover, these gmb tools also analyse your competitors so you can gather the best ways to optimise your business listing. Your gmb management can also be improved with the help of local seo search so you can gather the best relevant keywords to optimise your business listing accordingly. Gmb management also involves the perfect detailed business description, company name, contact details, official website etc.

At Xoopah, we help businesses improve their gmb management by optimizing your google my business account with automated sync with your Xoopah account. This way you can always keep track of leads who are led to your website and other performance metrics like web visits and lead queries.

But first we need to establish the relationship between local ranking and your Google My Business account.

Importance of your Google My Business account

Your target audience cannot find your business online if you’re not listed with a Google My Business account. It not only brings more clarity to your brand but also establishes your business as authentic and trustworthy.

When your business is listed with the correct address and contact number as well as customer reviews, Google is more likely to rank you higher for relevant search results. Your main aim should be to get featured on the local map pack or Google 3 pack. Basically the map pack features three main businesses at the top of the search results page.

Everything you need to know about gmb management and gmb tools is here. As an online business management platform, Xoopah has the right tools you can integrate with your Xoopah account to sync your Google My Business account. Better gmb management will help you unlock the potential of your Google My Business account. Your gmb audit tools will allow you to keep track of how well your gmb account is performing on Google Search results. You will be able to reach your target audience with the right google my business management tools.

Your gmb management will also affect your online reputation management. As customers leave reviews on your Google listing, you would want to make sure your gmb account is up to date. Moreover, customer reviews also impact other people’s buying behaviour. According to Shopify, about 93% people are looking up reviews before making a purchase. Your Google My Business account also comes with insights section which allows users to see what number of people are viewing your local listing, engaging with your website, what long tail keywords your target audience is using to find your business etc.

The best gmb audit tools you can use in 2022

Here we have made a list of gmb tools you need for better gmb management. These best google tools for business which are widely used by businesses to optimise their Google My Business account. In 2022, where it has become essential for businesses to target their local audience and get featured in the local pack.

  • Local Viking

local vikings logo

Gmb audit tools like Local Vikings is designed for users to rank better in the local search results. For better gmb management, the audit tool allows users to manage their customer reviews, manage images on your Google My Business account, schedule your Google My Business posts and also track your local pack rankings with suggestions on how to improve them. Their keyword audit tool is GeoGrid Rank Tracker. This tracker basically gives you an idea of where tour gmb account stands when it comes to your pinned location. This way you’ll be able to optimise your business account for exact keywords which are relevant to your current location or what people around you are searching.

Another important feature is where users can schedule their gmb possible. This feature also comes with a content calendar. Moreover, you can also add images and also geo tag them. Adding images to yourgb account increases the chances of being ranked locally. You can use the attribute locking feature which helps you lock the information on your gmb account so no one can edit it. In the end, they offer five elaborate payment plans ranking from single user with one listing, to ten lisitng and so on. The biggest plan allows up to 70 map listing.

  • Surfer Local

surfer local gmb logo

As one of the best gmb audit tool, Surfer Local allows users to use local seo to improve your search engine ranking. This gmb tools gives users the right gmb seo strategy so they can optimize their Google My Business account with the right keywords. With Surfer Local, you will see what your title, description as well as categories of your gmb account should look like. This gmb tool offers audit to gauge your success in google listing by focusing on your customer reviews, grid rank tracking, the web traffic your receive on your gmb account and your competitors SEO weaknesses etc.

Their annual plans include three tiers including freelancer, small business and the last one suited for agencies. Surfer Local also comes with other tools you can use to improve your content once the audit is done. Their PRO content editor allows you to see what your content lacks when it comes to essential keywords targeted by your competitors.

  • Brightlocal

brightlocal gmb logo

BrightLocal is designed for improving your online reputation, customer reviews, local seo and help you enhance web traffic through better gmb management. You cna use their local citation finder to help you manage your online citations as well. You can also integrate Twitter and Facebook as well so you can see what your customers are saying about your business online. Other integrations include Google Analytics as well. Their pricing plans include Single and Multi Business tier which offers local seo tools, integrations, reviews management tools, and other features depending on the prices. You can also purchase their Local Seo tools usually used by agencies who want to manage multiple locations and their Just Reviews tool to solely manage their reviews and respond to them in real time.

  • RateMyBusiness


This gmb audit tool allows users to get real reviews online for their Google listing and Facebook as well. You can improve the clock through rate of your gmb account and this way you will receive more reviews on the keywords relevant to your business as well. This tool only focuses on one aspect of your gmb management. You can also pair this tool with an online business management tool like Xoopah. You can purchase their plans which range from Amateur plan with only one gmb review, Enterprise plan with 10 gmb reviews and their Professional plan with only 5 reviews. This tool is a great way if you’re looking to improve your online reputation and also want to target keywords to improve your local pack ranking.

Optimize your Google My Business account with Xoopah

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We realize the importance of a well optimized Google My Business account and managing your online visibility. Small businesses who want to improve their visibility towards their local audience should make the right choice with their gmb audit tools. Xoopah will help you go beyond that with their online business management system which will streamline your workflows after you have gathered leads and help you convert them into lasting loyal customers. So, if you’re interested in integrating the right gmb audit tool for your business and want to optimize your overall customer management then contact us today.