Google 3 Pack Listing: How To Get In The Google 3 Pack

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Your business growth no longer relies on website sales and promoting via digital marketing tools has incredibly changed since the pandemic. As Internet use has increased, Google is using features like Google 3 pack listing to improve its search results for users.

Especially if users are searching for products and services to avail near them. Because when search engine users are searching for local businesses, they usually complete the purchase and their intent is much higher than others. Forbes research has shown that almost 75% users only use the first page of the search engine results page to make their buying decision, out of which Google 3 pack is most effective. This is why it is important to learn how to get in the google 3 pack.

In recent times, Google 3 pack listing has become more relevant and important to digital marketing tools. Enhancing your online visibility now includes getting features in the Google map pack. First of all, we must learn what google 3 pack listing entails and then get on to how to get in the google 3 pack.

You might think your content is already optimised for your targeted keywords and your website is enough for user engagement. Or your landing pages will surely encourage your leads to approach you but why not optimise your position on the SERP, the new way?

Let’s get started with your ultimate guide on how to get in the google 3 pack. Soon, you’ll dominate the search engine results!

What is Google 3 pack listing?

What is Google 3 pack listing

Well, google 3 pack listing is the top three search results depending on what the user searches for. They are basically chosen on the basis of geographical proximity from the user who is making the search. Other factors for choosing a particular business to feature include prominence and relevancy to the keywords it is searched for. Reputable websites and businesses are featured here which usually includes information from their Google My Business account. This information includes the name of the business, address, directions, opening timings and customer reviews.

Businesses also add additional information like pictures, critic reviews, booking options, delivery options, and the most busiest times of their day.

All in all, google 3 pack listing or google map pack will help you give a concise and comprehensive view of your business. Now that we have taken a look at what google map pack is, let’s see why it’s important for your digital growth?

Why is Google map pack important?

Well, Google map pack is important for your online visibility because it will help your business cater to and market to your local audience. For example if you’re running a food delivery service or a taco truck, you would want your local communities to find out about your business. Basically, google 3 pack listing will improve your chances of appearing to a relevant audience. Google 3 pack listing has based its selection on relevance, prominence and the location of the business.

This is why businesses who dominate Google maps 3 pack have better click through rate and lead conversion rates. Google map pack also improves your reputation as your Google My Business features customer ratings and critical reviews. This feature and then appearing in the Google maps 3 pack inspire more trust and improve your online credibility.

All in all, google 3 pack listing is essential for getting ahead of your competitors and focus more on local audiences who can actually avail your services.

Now that we have established the importance of Google 3 pack listing, let’s take a look at how you can improve your position on the SERP and get featured in the google 3 pack.

Learn how to get your business featured in Google 3 pack

To dominate Google maps 3 pack you would need to use the following tips. We are bringing you tried and tested industry knowledge on how to optimise your website and channels for better and relevant online visibility.

  • Design your Google My Business account

design your google my business account

We are mentioning this tip first because as experts in helping businesses leverage their Google My Business account to improve their web page positioning. It makes it easier for your customers to find the most credible information about your business, all in one place. From claiming your listing to updating all the relevant information, Xoopah can help you fast track your online visibility.

We know that the more information you provide to your Google My Business account, the more credible you will appear. This way Google will also show your business to a highly relevant audience eventually increasing your click through rates. You can also update your information from time to time to continuously optimise your account by updating your timings, adding photos and clear directions which will lead to google maps.

  • Posting content relevant to your local community

Basically, google 3 pack listing is essential for giving only locally relevant search results to users. You can increase your chances of visibility to your local audience by posting and creating content focused on local keywords.

This will help you rank better in the search results and also give your business chances of engagement with your audience beyond your passive approach with Google My Business account. With your local seo strategy, you can develop and target content around local events, different community activities and festivals. Your local content strategy could include writing blogs, getting featured on local blogs via guest blogging, video content and press releases.

  • Website optimization

Website Redesign

If your website is not mobile friendly then make sure it is. People are always looking to buy something on their phones. Having a mobile friendly website will allow you to cater to a wider audience and also encourage website visitors to reach out. Poor design will only discourage visitors from interacting with your website.

This is why it is important to create a user friendly landing page with informational content and engaging call to actions which clearly show all the relevant information about your business. There is also the factor that google will not recognize your website as credible if your website is not mobile friendly. You can also improve your loading time, focus on on page seo and design tour landing pages with the relevant keywords, meta description etc.

  • The role of customer reviews


Customer reviews establish your online reputation. As a small business just starting out, it is important for you to gather the best reviews and engagement with your customers as possible. With Xoopah, our portal not only helps users manage their customer reviews but also send reminders to those who made recent purchases so they can share their insight with your business. Google map pack also features your customer reviews as well. This is why businesses who rank in the top three positions of google map pack are the ones with the most reviews.

The search engine will deem your business more credible if your reviews are high in quality and quantity. To improve your chances of getting a customer review is to send an encouraging email requesting them to share their experience and when they’re done, make sure to respond with a thank you note. You can create a separate page on your website to connect it with your online listing. Also, make sure to use these reviews as posts across social media for better brand imaging.

  • Boost visibility with backlinks

link building

Boosting your online presence via backlinks is an assured way of enhancing opportunities for customer engagements. You can acquire links from external sites by getting featured in a website with good authority which will eventually increase your website traffic. The more you are featured on other domains for reviews or paid blogs etc, the more you’ll be featured higher on search engine results.

Xoopah- your digital partner for better business optimization Xoopah is going to smoothen the whole process of improving your online visibility and get featured in the google map pack. We are already helping many local businesses who want to enhance their visibility to their local audience and tap into better customer engagement.

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You can also join the league of businesses who have streamlined their online reputation management as well as synced their Google My Business account with their Xoopah account to manage their customer reviews. We are not just limited to managing your online presence. Our invoicing portal is deeply connected with our CRM dashboard which allows users to improve how their customer information is managed. All in all, we are passionate about helping businesses dominate Google maps 3 packs. So, let’s get started!