Google Maps Marketing Demo: A Definitive Guide To Scale Your Business


Google maps marketing demo is a part of the new movement of digital marketing where local audience is the main focus for businesses. There has been rage about how Google search engine has been showcasing businesses in the google map pack and how it has localized searches for users.

Google maps marketing is not a new phenomenon. Businesses have been optimizing their Google My Business accounts to better showcase all important information about their business for better online visibility. You might be wondering as to how your google my business account can ensure visibility? Well, we have the perfect google maps marketing demo to that.

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Basically your Google My Business account has all the preliminary information about your business and when it is well optimized and listed properly, Google is more likely to rank it higher. Why? Well because the more accurate your information is, the more authority your business will have. However, just opening and listing your gmb account is not enough. You would also need a cracking on page seo strategy, cta filled landing pages to promote better engagement, and positive customer reviews to establish trust among new visitors.

Demystifying Google maps marketing Demo:

Everyone is mostly using Google maps to.l help them navigate places they want to visit. Think of google maps as a consumer. When you’re looking for that new burger place or that new sportswear outlet online, you’re using google maps to help you navigate. It’s not just for direction, is it? You can also view their opening hours, official website and the best part of all, their customer reviews.

Now coming to the best part. Google maps marketing Demo pertains to giving businesses higher ranking based on their account optimization, relevance and prominence. If you can’t visualize it then just go and google the best place to get taco but add the phrase “near me” at the end of your keywords. You will see three businesses highlighted and more prominent than others. This is the google map pack or local 3 pack. Google only showcases businesses that are extremely relevant to your search.

So how do we use google maps marketing and what does it entail? Well, if you’re here looking for a definitive guide to maps marketing then you’ve come to the right place. It’s simple. Google maps marketing is basically optimizing your google my business account for better visibility and authority. We at Xoopah have cracked the code to successful maps marketing for numerous small businesses. Their success is reflected in how well google maps marketing can prove for businesses who want to focus on their local audience.

For now, let’s take a look at all the steps you can take to improve your local visibility using google maps marketing demo.

Your Definitive guide on Google maps marketing Demo


First of all, you need to understand what it means to optimize your Google My Business account for better visibility. You would not only need updated information about your business, adding images and customer reviews is also essential. Having customer reviews will help you rank higher than your competitors. Positive customer ratings on your Google my Business account will help potential customers make their purchasing decision easily. Your Google reviews not only has reviews but you might also receive queries sometimes from potential customers.

In order to stay ahead of your reputation management and trustworthiness, we suggest you use our online reputation management portal so you can respond to all sorts of queries in real time. In case of negative reviews, you can devise an appropriate strategy for damage control and respond accordingly. There are certain guidelines provided by Google which you can use to respond properly. Remember that a negative review is not always damaging for your business, but how you respond surely reflects your business values.

Making sure you come across as a reliable business is an essential goal of your map marketing strategy. You can also choose an online business management portal and integrate it with your Google My Business account to streamline your map marketing. We suggest getting a google maps marketing demo first to make the right decision for your online growth.

Local businesses are also using google local ads to advertise their business on google maps. In both mobile and desktop versions, local ads appear in the google maps when you’re searching for a location. This ad can be purchased on how competitive your industry is. Businesses usually experience an increase in calls and messages inquiring about their services or visits to their brick and mortar store using local ads on google maps. Google usually charges cost per click for every local search ad.

Other important factors which will decide the success of your Google map marketing strategy include how well maintained your Google my business account is. For example, if your address is not verified just like your phone number then google will not reocgnize your business as authentic, hence not ranking it in the map pack. Moreover, you should also add detailed information about what your services entail and link your official website as well. Your detailed description should also have relevant keywords that you think users might search for.

There your lead conversion journey will start which depends on how effective your landing page is. Adding a relevant category to your business is also important. There is a primary category that you have to add which describes your overall business. Next you can add categories which describe some amenities your business or store will be providing like disabled people friendly or curbside delivery. In other cases, adding images to your restaurant, cafe or workout studio can also prove enticing.

The best google maps marketing demo with Xoopah

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Our business management portal has helped businesses optimize their online reputation, marketing channels and their Google My Business account for a streamlined workflow. You might think just running and listing your google my business account is enough for a successful google maps marketing strategy but Xoopah knows that there is more to that. We aim to gear businesses with the right tools that will smoothen the customer journey after they’ve shown interest in your business. Our work doesn’t end with getting your business a higher ranking on the search engine results.

From setting up your business hours to connecting your product list and services your business has to offer, Xoopah is expert in all things google maps marketing. Our users connect their Xoopah account with their gmb account. Then you can access different gmb controls with your Xoopah account. Our Xoopah dashboard has a list of items like business name, address, contact details etc which our users update with time. Our dashboard has a designated business management portal to update and change any information any time.

Our platform is not limited to just a business management portal, we also help users streamline their customer management processes like invoices, online payments etc.

Our contact hub allows businesses to streamline their customer contacts against their purchases and invoices. So, whenever there is an issue with customer service, your customer support team can easily access and manage customer information for a more personalised experience.

All in all, Xoopah is an all encompassing platform for not just google maps marketing, we are helping businesses build workflows for better online visibility. Join us today to start your maps marketing journey today and contact us for a google maps marketing demo.