Healthcare Marketing Strategy: How To Attract Customers?

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The concept of the healthcare marketing strategy has been shaped by many factors including consumers looking up symptoms online. This simple act by millions of people along with the pandemic has pushed for better marketing for healthcare services. To market in healthcare, you first need to take a look at how consumers interact with healthcare facilities pre and post treatments. How do they seek out services and make a choice? The process to market in healthcare is different from other industries, let’s have a look at some statistics to understand the consumer base.

The hospital and healthcare providers are now looking towards marketing medical service to develop their consumer base. According to research, almost 77% of people start their healthcare journey through search engines.

Instead of word of mouth advertising, healthcare practitioners need a strong sense of what it means to marketing medical services. First of all, healthcare services must develop a personalized communication flow with their patients. Secondly, it is pertinent to guide your patients through a smooth and seamless stream of healthcare journey. From booking online appointments to the online payment system, getting positive reviews is possible if your process is automated and online.

As compared to traditional marketing strategies, marketing in

To market in healthcare industry, it is crucial to focus on the situation of these services in the post pandemic World. For your healthcare marketing strategy, it is important to center it around your response to taking important healthcare measures in your vicinity. From sharing the protocol for avoiding close contact with other patients, staff and potentially getting sick, you need to design and promote how your center is providing optimal care in these trying times.

You need to generate demand for your products and services. When it comes to marketing in heathcare, generating demand does not mean promoting maladies. You can do this by creating awareness on new type of drug in the market or treatment method by specifically targeting potential audience who could be affected by it. Creating awareness vie your website, digital medical marketing campaigns, or SEO focused blogs regarding the focus. This is a simple example of how the market in healthcare has shaped the healthcare marketing strategies.

Healthcare Marketing Strategy: 10 Strategies to boost your growth


Here we have shared some ways to improve your marketing medical services.

  • Develop unique branding online

The only way any potential consumer will recognize and remember your medical services or name is of your branding is unique and consistent across all platform. It is not enough that your expert healthcare service will get you enough patients. For the purpose of getting more recognition, you need to design a health marketing strategy that starts either creating awareness about your brand. Building trust trust your consumer base will become easier if you are consisten with your branding.

  • Personalized experience

Aa we have mentioned before, to market in healthcare means that you have to center your marketing strategies around patient’s experience. As the visit to a healthcare facility can be worrisome, you want to make sure that the rest of the healthcare journey is seamless.

Better customer relationship management makes it possible for healthcare providers to give a perosnalized experience to each patient. At Xoopah, we have a customer management portal which allows users to save all of client related information synced and updated at one place. There are services like telemedicine as well which allows patients to consult with a healthcare provider via call or social media.

  • User friendly websites

This strategy is an extension mentioned above. User friendly websites with amazing customer journey from booking an appointment to managing online payment via gateways will leave a good impression on your consumers. You can make these improvements to your webste to make it more user friendly by using Xoopah.

This will allow your managers to easily manage online forum for patient’s appointments. Moreover, you should also be mindful of how and what media your consumer base is using to interact with you. As mentioned before, a well optimised, speedy and responsive healthcare website will ensure more contacts and leads.

  • Maintain positive reviews online


The one healthcare marketing strategy you cannot ignore is your online reputation. This is the age where people always Google services before choosing a brand. Some goes for heathcare services.

This is why it is important for you to make their patient journey as seamless as possible. However, all businesses have to gave negative reviews sometimes. The smartest thing you can do as a business in this situation is to respond to each feedback positive or negative. Develop a crisis management plan as well, fo whenever you receive a complaint.

  • Utilize the power of your Google My Business Account

Speaking of people searching for services and products online, the Google My Business is the face of your business online. Whenever, people seeking healthcare services search for the nearest facility online, your facility’s name will appear among others. Make sure your Google My Busines account is updated and synced with your Xoopah account so you can market your services, manage opening hours, address, website and contact information.

  • Informational content to debunk misinformation

Your SEO strategy is most important for promoting your services online. Using relevant keywords to write Informational content which does not feel pushy towards your services will serve two purposes.

First, it will not seem like you’re overtly promoting your healthcare services. You need tread lightly in order to market in healthcare industry. Secondly, with the pandemic we have realised the perils of misinformation and rumors. Your SEO optimised content via online blogs and paid posts will allow you to become a voice of reason for the people.

  • Online email marketing


This strategy can be used if you want to publish a medical and heathcare related newsletter or reach out to potential clients to market your services. There are many automated platforms in the market which can help you run email marketing campaigns. This sort of outbound marketing strategy will allow you to managenyour first impression on your audience and give them a unique and useful experience as well.

  • Social media savvy

Mostly, businesses and healthcare facilities rely on organic social marketing tools which includes maintaining your online pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. As we know that the ghost of the algorithm might push your page into obscurity, you can optimize your online social media presence via paid advertising. Like pay per click ads, your ads can be run on social media which will appear to your target audience.

  • Follow up with your patient groups

After an appointment or during postoperative care, make sure that you reach out to your patient. This will also give your service a personalized touch with the help of personalised emails or messages via social media. In order to maintain good customer relationships, make sure that you keep track of their overall health related documents and design automated email reminders and texts to ensure they stick with your service for a long time.

  • Targeted paid advertising


Marketing for healthcare has to move away from traditional means of marketing. This means that healthcare providers have to develop updated healthcare marketing strategy.

Gone are the days when you can just rely on word of mouth or paid advertisement in print or electronic media. You need to develop a budget and strategy for improve your visibility online.

With pay per click advertisement you will be able to improve your position on search engine results pages. You just have to develop a strategy for what keywords you want to run your ads for, at what budget, consistency and what will your copy say.

In the end all you need to do is keep track of your bealthcare marketing strategy and how well it is performing. The return on investments for these strategies is high. Especially for paid advertisements. Managing your budget to market in healthcare is important as we. Google Analytics is an essential tool you can use for this purpose. Tracking your performance will allow you to see what’s working well for your visibility.

Xoopah is your ideal partner in healthcare marketing strategy

To successfully market in healthcare, you need a strongly focused marketing campaign. Just posting on social media or updating your Insta feed is not enough. Marketing for healthcare is a niche which focuses on providing the patient with optimal healthcare service.

Promoting your services online would include developing a seamless process of online booking, improving your position on the Google Search Pages and maintaining patient reviews in an agile manner.

What if we told you there was a way to do all of these marketing activities from one platform? Hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, not anymore. Xoopah is your ideal business management solution. We have streamlined customer relationship management, invoicing, payment tracking and your Google My Business account for many small businesses.

While designing your healthcare marketing strategy, make sure that you focus on patient experience and promoting yourself among local businesses. With Xoopah, each process is tied together.

From patient onboarding, appointment management, digital invoicing, to marketing for better organic search results. You can manage everything from your Xoopah account. We have simplified marketing medical services, let’s talk about how we can do it for you. Join the Xoopah wave and book a demo today.