How Do You Send Money via Text (Ultimate Guide)


Sending money electronically is nothing new. However, the way we send money has changed a great deal in recent years. Older methods like checks or wire transfers are being replaced by quick and simple text messages. So if you’re wondering how do you send money via text? Keep reading to find out.

The prediction of an evolution of payment methods had been in the air long before the world was found reeling against COVID-19; however, the COVID impact did give a strong tug to the finance industry.

So where are we standing now? We are at the crossroads of shedding away already agile digital payment solutions and looking ahead, into a future that offers alternate, quicker solutions. Text-to-pay is one such method that sends money with a text message – from client to the merchant, in a few seconds, right from a phone. So, how do you send money via text?

To better understand the text-to-pay method, it would be pertinent to begin with why we find ourselves in the whirlpool of this innovation in 2022 and what the future holds for cashless payments.

PricewaterCooper (PwC) predicts several macrotrends in financial payments through 2025. Let’s explore how the merchants and buyers will rediscover newer ways to do business in a cashless global community. We will also talk about how Xoopah has been emerging as the industry leader while adapting to the radically transforming world of payments.

Cashless Payments to Triple by 2030

According to the PwC forecast, global cashless payments face a projected increase by more than 80% from 2020 to 2025. That’s an increase from one trillion transactions to almost 1.9 trillion transactions. 2030 will see this number increase by threefold.

There is more: In 2019, more than 1,000 transactions took place in one second in the UK alone. This number stood at 570 transactions per second in 2009. With such a momentum of transactions made online, the vision of the finance industry for 2030 has taken shape to better address the evolving financial ecosystems and advancing technology.

Art of the Possible

“Payments have become the epicenter of what we offer”, writes Marion King, director of payments, Natwest Payments Futures Chair. The government agencies, consumers, and SMEs are given an informed choice to make from a pool of different payment channels. Keeping the customer benefits in view, these channels are focused on providing a secure and frictionless experience.

The diversity of payment options is an art of the possible. Riding this wave of change, merchants and consumers are handling more choices to go cashless, store money in digital wallets, pay through QR codes, or use plastic cards. While the consumers still have the opportunity to pay with cash, that remains in circulation in large numbers, more digital possibilities are becoming workable.

Future Ready Payments

How do you send money via text

A brief review of how person-to-person, person-to-business, and retail transactions are responding to the changing financial landscape shows a sharp contrast in the use of paper cheques and credit cards vs debit cards and cash. Debit cards lead the charts by the most preferred way of making payments in retail and person-to-business transactions. (Reference: Future Ready Payments 2030 by PwC)

Several new ways to make the payments have emerged and may not be used by the majority of transactors (preference trends vary in a given demographic region), such as instant payments through QR codes or get paid option for the merchants, requests to pay, virtual debit cards, text-to-pay, and digital wallets.

The macrotrend that’s going through a rapid change is the change in how payments work in new ecosystems such as cryptocurrencies.

With this round-up of changing trends in the payment world, we can now understand the relevance of Future Ready Payments, such as text-to-pay.

What are Pay by Text Solutions?

Pay by text solutions are an option to send money with a simple text message. There are two variations of paying through a text message: One that allows you to pay by clicking on a payment link in a text message. This requires you to enter your card details by leaving the text message tab or window in your phone.

The other way allows you to pay by typing in {$} {product name}. Example: $18 pizza. This requires a prior integration of your payment method with the vendor.

How Secure is Sending Money via Text?


All the emerging technology goes through international standards of compliance such as ISO 20222 and common API standards along with locally applicable regulations that guarantee security. Other international security standards TLS 1.2+ and HTTPS data encryption make sending money via text completely secure.

Xoopah is a complete business assistance solution that assists the online presence, ratings, and payments for small scale companies or individual entrepreneurs. Xoopah offers a pay by text option that allows clients to send their payments over to the merchant through secure channels.

How Do You Send Money via Text with Xoopah

xoopah logo How do you send money via text

How do you send money via text? Xoopah has you covered.

Once the merchant account has been set up with Xoopah, one can generate a digital invoice to send to the client’s email address, phone number, or both. This digital invoice contains a payment link that the client then uses to make payments.

After the clients have their payment details with the merchant, recurring or subsequent payments can be charged at the merchant-end, by using the “collect payment now” option from the dashboard.

Xoopah provides easy integration with Stripe and, thereby the payments collected or provided at Xoopah are safe and secure. To avoid phishing frauds and digital payment crimes, payments are encrypted using the industry standard practices.

Financial Outcomes of pay by text Solutions

Customer power-ups

As the finance industry diversifies modes of payments, the customers get a choice of preferred payment platforms – a real customer power-up.Technology, governments, needs of individual customers and finance sectors are poised to better the financial outcomes for all the stakeholders.

Over 5 billion people in the world use mobile phones – a good 65% of the world population, compared to a much lower number of plastic cards. Therefore, pay by text solutions are commercially viable, transparent, and can push further into the market for better financial outcomes that suit the consumers and the businesses.

Light checkouts

Everyone saves time in text payment transactions and everyone values time in fast paced checkouts. Moreover, pay by text solutions cut the costs of sending analogue invoices or processing payments, such as card swiping machines and paper receipts.

SMEs make a strong case to receive money via text, which is more secure and easily accessible to vendors and buyers alike. Other than SMEs that sell services online, brick and mortar businesses, such as clinics and healthcare facilities and grocery stores are a potential market for text payments.

Cart Relief

Cart abandonment in online services is a major concern for sellers who usually want to bring back the buyer after a cart has been abandoned on the checkout page. This may happen due to a glitchy website that loads slow or the payment process is too long, requiring multiple checks and logs.

Many vendors have streamlined their website experience with one-click checkouts or by pitching several discount codes to bring the customer back. If these aren’t working for a business then a possible relief may come in with text-to-pay integrated payment solutions; a customer can make a purchase online and then receive a text message with a payment link.

Best for Recurring Payments

Customers can purchase the service online or from a store and receive an SMS to make the payment using a link or reply by SMS method. This method is particularly useful for recurring payments, such as a subscription to a video streaming service, regular grocery items from the same store, or daily lunch at the office from a deli in your building.

Text payments are a convenient way to shop with the same benefit of using a credit or debit card linked to your profile. Each payment is followed by a receipt of payment and remains fully secure.

Phishing Scams and Crime

A phishing email or message is one way that offenders or hackers use to extract your card or personal details. With better customer protection and regulations in place, text-to-pay is rated to be a secure and fast method of payments available.

With consumer education programs built around a unique, local approach to the people, it is quite likely that the consumer industry will overcome the phishing challenges.

Case in Point – Sarah’s Sumptuous Bakeshop

Imagine this: Sarah is a passionate baker and a proud owner of Sarah’s Sumptuous Bakeshop. She is a spirited figure and loves to chat up with her regular customers. Deeply in love with ganache, glaze, and burnt caramel, she is able to transform her baked items into real works of art.

Tarts, souffles, brownies, scones, blown up sugars – life is sweet. Till the payments stop showing up from some clients. Sarah hates sending reminders, besides she does not keep an inventory of names and email addresses, mainly because she is a one-person company with an average of 25 orders per day.

Sarah needs support with her payment system. She does not have a merchant account with a bank and she sells from her home with a physical pick-up service. Many of her clients do complain of not carrying cash and sometimes she worries about inadequate change. It is another tale to keep track of who owes what and when.

To make things easy, Sarah signs up for Xoopah’s payment service that processes her payments at a fraction of a cost and saves her the bank registration hassles. Now her customers can make an instant payment using their cell phones inside the shop without any swiping or tapping of cards. What more, Sarah has an added advantage of seeing who has a pending payment just by looking up at her seller dashboard.

Xoopah does the work that Sarah or any small team is shying away from. To securely offer a checkout to customers comes with a cost and not all businesses have the required funds to process payments digitally or hire staff.

Would you like to see what Xoopah is offering to small businesses?

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Connect with Paperless Payments

By far you must have understood how do you send your money via text, and what is the most trusted services you can hire today. According to Back to Business, a study done by Visa, 63% of consumers in the US would switch to a business that offers them paperless payments. COVID-19 is also reported to have had a major shake-up effect on small and medium businesses (SMBs) as they found new ways to operate.

More than 90% of businesses in the world are SMBs, so their vulnerability to change and resilience was put to test during the pandemic. It turns out that 4 in 5 businesses adjusted to the change successfully. The study also points out that 76% of SMBs want the consumers to switch to contactless payments.

That’s how millions of small business owners are shaping the future of payments. So, whether you are looking for a payment solution in healthcare, automotive, or retail, pay by text by Xoopah will offer you a streamlined, paperless payment evolution.