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how to leave an anonymous google review

Google reviews are widely regarded as the most important reviews available on the internet. Because of Google’s dominance in the online world, reviews posted on the platform can have a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions. Read this step-by-step guide and learn how to leave an anonymous google review without revealing your identity to the business.

Is It Possible to Leave an Anonymous Review on Google?

As a business owner, you are probably aware of the significance of reviews. But you’re probably curious about reviews—how to leave them, how to delete them, how to respond to them, and so on. One frequently asked question is: Is it possible to leave an anonymous Google review, and if so, how? The short answer is no, you cannot. Since 2018, Google has not permitted anonymous reviews.

There is a very logical reason why Google has disabled anonymous reviews: to protect businesses. Nothing would stop an unscrupulous business from leaving fake negative reviews of its competitors or asking friends to do so if anonymous reviews were permitted.

How to Leave an Anonymous Google Review

Even though it is not possible to leave a completely anonymous Google review, you can still leave reviews without revealing your identity to the business, and you can also leave a review using your Gmail account.

The first method is straightforward and simple to implement. All you have to do is go to your Google account and select the “Manage your Google Account” option. From there, you should click on “Personal Info,” and you should see a page with your first and last name. You can now either remove your last name, which will still make the review appear credible, or choose a nickname or simply use “Anonymous” as your name.

The second method is to use Google Maps. To use this method, launch Google Maps and sign up for a Google account. Simply click “Use my current email address instead” during this process to open the map. Then, on Google Maps, search for the business’s name. You can leave a review once you’ve found it.

How to leave a Google review on a desktop?

A customer can submit a Google review for a business in two places. In Google Search and Google Maps. Let’s get into the details:

1. Leave a review in Google search

The steps are short and very simple. Here is how to leave a Google review on Desktop in a Google search :

Step 1: Open Google search results and type the business name of the company

Step 2: On the right side of the search results, you will see the Business profile

Step 3: Scroll down and click Write review

Write review in Google search

Step 4: A popup will appear asking you to log in to your Google account

Sign in to leave google review

Step 5: And finally you will access the form where you can write your review, upload photos

Submit google review

2. Leave a review on Google Maps

Step 1: Open Google Maps and search for the business

Step 2: When the business information appears, scroll down on the left-hand panel and click the ‘Write a review’ button

Google maps desktop leave a review

Step 3: A popup will appear where you can write the review and click ‘Post‘

Google maps desktop

Refresh the page and your review will appear in the Reviews section.

How to leave a Google review on Mobile?

There are several ways to leave a Google review on a mobile device. This is how you do it.

Leave a Google review in the mobile browser

Open and follow these steps to write a Google review in the mobile browser:

Step 1: Write the company’s name.

Step 2: From the search results, navigate to the Reviews section and click the star icons (choose 4 or 5 stars for a positive review, 3 stars for a neutral review, and 1, 2 stars to leave a negative review.)

write a Google review on mobile phone

Step 3: In the popup, write a review and upload photos

post a Google review on mobile

Step 4: Click ‘Post’

Your review will appear in just a few minutes.

Leave a review in the Google Maps app

The steps for submitting a review in Google Maps are very similar to those outlined above. The only difference is that you must launch the Google Maps app and search for the business within it.

steps to write review in Google maps

How to edit a Google review?

You can edit if you misspelled it or want to add more details to the review. To do this, navigate to Google Maps and follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the menu icon in the top-left corner

Step 2: Click ‘Contributions‘ and scroll down to find the review you want to delete

Step 4: Select ‘Edit review’

Step 5: Make changes and click ‘Post’

Steps to edit Google review

How to delete a Google review?

If you submitted the review, you have the option to delete it. Otherwise, the actual owner of the business listing is unable to delete Google reviews.

To delete a Google review, go to Google Maps and follow the steps outlined above for editing reviews:

Step 1: In the top-left corner, click the menu icon.

Step 2: Select ‘Contributions’ and scroll down to locate the review you wish to delete.

Step 3: Click the ‘Delete review’ button.

Steps to delete Google review

Why do Google reviews matter?

Google reviews are important because they help to increase a company’s credibility and SEO ranking. Because Google is the most popular search engine, potential customers are more likely to trust businesses with positive reviews on this platform. Furthermore, positive reviews can lead to higher rankings in Google search results, emphasising the importance of businesses managing their Google my business profiles.

Start Collecting Reviews with Xoopah

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