Send The Perfect Holiday Message to Customers: Master These 5 Steps Today

calendarNov 28, 2022
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Holiday messages go a long way toward making your employees, and customers feel appreciated. They let everyone know you’re thinking about them. So, it’s time to make your holiday message a wonderful gift and spread holiday cheer to your customers. That is the essence of the holiday season.

It can take time to get your holiday message just right. What should you say? How long should your holiday message be? Regarding on-site or in-office signage with copies displayed in multiple locations, how much should you embrace the holiday spirit before it becomes too much?

merry Christmas client message example

How to send holiday message to clients in 2022

Sending holiday message to customers can do wonders for your company. It strengthens your customer retention strategies, makes your marketing messages more relevant, and makes you more approachable.

Essentially, sending holiday email message to clients personifies your brand and allows you to build meaningful relationships with them.

Plan your holiday message campaigns

To ensure the success of your holiday campaigns, you must plan ahead of time. Consider your content, offers, customer service, and even your website design to ensure that everything is in sync with your holiday marketing campaigns.

Planning allows you to avoid the unnecessary stress and frustration of scrambling at the last minute to put together your holiday campaigns. Make a list of marketing tasks and materials that you will require before the holidays. This ensures that your campaigns run smoothly and that all necessary materials are available.

Keep it short

Resist the urge to send lengthy and heartfelt messages. Your customers are probably preoccupied with the upcoming holidays and won’t have time to read through everything. Keep your business holiday greetings brief.

It doesn’t take a full page to show your customers how much you appreciate them. If you use customer service software for live chat support, you can include automated holiday messages at the end of each customer interaction.

Long happy holidays message to clients is also unsuitable for mobile devices, as customers must scroll to read the entire message. This ruins the customer experience. If your customers are busy, they may find your holiday message irritating.

Avoid making your holiday messages too salesy

When sending holiday message to client, tone down the sales pitch. Being too salesy can turn off customers and reduce their purchasing power.

Instead of aggressively telling your customers to buy, greet them and ask if there is anything your company can do to make their holidays extra special. This enhances your image as a caring company.

Businesses that use holiday greetings strategically can create a meaningful connection with their customers, which leads to increased sales in the long run.

Display your brand’s spirit

Many companies send out their first holiday sales emails in early November. As a result, for nearly two months, sales communication is conducted on a massive scale. In contrast, the holiday message is only sent once, a few days before the holiday.

Customers finally have time to relax after their shopping spree. With an email that matches your brand identity and tone of voice, you can reach and engage your target audience. If they open your messages every time you send them, it could be because they value the experience you provide.

Create a message that is consistent with your overall brand. Invest in being unique in order to show customers that you care and let them dive into your brand story.

Personalize your greetings

Add a level of personalization while sending holiday message to customers to make them more memorable. In your greetings, use their names and include exclusive offers based on previous interactions and purchases. This demonstrates that you understand their preferences.

Businesses’ holiday marketing campaigns are more effective when they send personalized season’s greetings messages, regardless of the marketing channels they use.

Happy holidays message to clients

These Happy Holidays Message to Clients will motivate you to come up with your own unique phrase. Spread joy and cheer to your customers. You can send holiday message via cards, email, text message, or social media platforms:

1- We would like to take this moment to thank you for the support you have accorded us this year. Wishing you the best this holiday season!

2- Thank you for trusting in us. We will continue meeting and exceeding your expectorations in the coming New Year. Happy Holidays from [Company Name]!

3- Our company sends you the warmest holiday greetings! We thank you for your continued support to [Company Name]. Wishing you a blessed holiday season!

4- We wish you and yours a joyful festive season and a flourishing New Year. Our hearts are full of gratitude for your support during this year. We are thankful for you, for continuing to choose us as your partner. Happy Holiday Season!

5- Happy Holidays! We wish you and yours a joyful festive season and a thriving new year. Thank you for your support this year.

6- Let the closeness of family, friends, and the comfort of our homes, renew our spirits this festive season. Stay safe and happy holidays.

7- Happy holidays from the entire team at [company name]! We look forward to a more fruitful year ahead.

8- Thank you for shopping at our store. We are where we are because of customers like you. We at [company name] wish you happy holidays!

9- The team at [Company Name] sends you the warmest greetings for the holidays! Thank you for supporting our business, and we wish you every joy this season.

10- As we look back to see how far we have come this year, you cannot go unnoticed. Thank you for supporting our business. We at [Company Name] wish you a happy holiday and success in the coming year.

11- We at [Company Name] send you blessings during this festive season. We are grateful to you and your family for your continued patronage of [Company Name]. Happy Holidays!

Show your customers some holiday cheer this season

Recognizing your customers for their patronage and loyalty during the holidays is one way to build relationships, connect, and build a loyal client base. Whatever strategies you use to show customers how much you appreciate them, keep it simple and sincere to ensure your messages are noticed.

merry christmas email marketing message example