Tips On Creating Perfect Thanksgiving Email Campaign

calendarOct 10, 2022
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Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to increase engagement and sales. In fact, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone attracted 180 million shoppers in 2021. With a festive Thanksgiving email, you can capture your audience’s attention, thank your customers for their business, send them a Thanksgiving email and offer delectable Turkey Day specials.

Here are a few Thanksgiving email examples and tips to get started.


How To Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Email Campaign

Creating a Thanksgiving email campaign requires a well-thought-out strategy that begins with a goal you wish to achieve. So, establish a clear goal and get started. Check out our tips on creating the perfect Thanksgiving email marketing campaign.

1. Keep the Theme in Mind

You’re not sending your usual message with a random turkey emoji, but rather a Thanksgiving email. To avoid appearing as an afterthought, the entire message should be Thanksgiving-themed.

Yes, some prior planning is required on your part, but we know you can do it. Determine the type of message you want to send (for example, a holiday discount or a Thanksgiving greeting) and build the campaign from there.

Enjoy yourself with the Thanksgiving theme and use content and images that are appropriate for your brand and the holiday.

2. Create a catchy subject line

The subject lines of your emails are the first thing your customers see when they open their inboxes. They should be appealing enough to entice prospects to read a message.

Need some inspiration for a catchy subject line for your Thanksgiving-themed email? Here are some suggestions:

Open for a Deal You’ll Want to Gobble Up?

Feast Your Eyes on These Holiday Deals

Ready to FALL? 🐿️🍁🌲 Start with these candles + $10 off

Fall-nomenal deal: 😮Your 15% OFF coupon awaits

Last chance! Get a slice of Pumpkin Cake Roll

Dish Up: Take 40% Off!

Forget something? Shop Thanksgiving sides in store

Get Ready For Turkey Day With More Great Deals!

3. Show appreciation in your Thanksgiving Email

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude to others.

Send a heartfelt email message as part of your Thanksgiving email campaign. This can be as simple as “Happy Thanksgiving.” You can also thank repeat customers for their patronage.

Don’t be afraid to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving. A little appreciation goes a long way!

Here’s a nice example from Sonder that follows best practices for Thanksgiving messages.

This email is brief but sweet, festive in appearance, and expresses love and gratitude to the customers. A winning combination for marketing success!


4. Include an Intriguing CTA

To that end, you’ll need a clear CTA button to convert your subscribers into customers. The formula for success is straightforward:

Bright colors:

Use bright colors to draw attention to your button. Bright colors will make your CTA more visible.

Correct positioning:

Include your CTA under your offer to entice your audience to click on it after seeing the benefit.

Use actionable language by keeping your copy brief and to the point:

Using actionable language such as “Get it now!” will encourage your recipient to act.

5. Reward your customers

Sometimes simply saying thank you isn’t enough. Show your customers how important they are to your company by including a special offer in your email message.


You can offer additional discounts on best sellers to your potential customers. Furthermore, offering free returns and shipping is the best way to get them to act. You can use these two incentives to entice your customers to buy.

6. Promote upcoming sales

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season — and the beginning of holiday sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow right after Thanksgiving. Around this time of year, many customers shop for Christmas gifts.

If you are a clothing company, you can wish your subscribers a Happy Thanksgiving and offer them discounts on your clothing line. This allows you to begin your Black Friday sale earlier.

This is how Guess’s Thanksgiving email invites customers to their Black Friday sale.


Make Your Thanksgiving Email Marketing Strategy a Success

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so plan your email marketing campaigns as soon as possible to save time and engage your audience ahead of your competitors.

Check out the examples above to get inspired, and then use the tips to create Thanksgiving email campaigns that will entice your customers to click.