What Are the Elements of Customer Experience? 4 Elements Must for your strategy


Brand and customer experience establishes the ground for not only future purchases but also establishing a lasting relationship with your customers. For this purpose you would need to understand what are the elements of customer experience. Customer buying experience cements if they’re going to purchase your services again or not. There are applications like Xoopah which have smoothen the process of the whole customer lifecycle. Whether it is creating and sending an invoice, receiving online payments and managing customer reviews, our small business platform has automated workflows for better customer experience roadmap.

Your customer reviews depict how good or bad the brand and customer review is. All in all, there are other ways as well to show how well your business is providing customer buying experience. First of all, if your brand and customer experience is effective, you will get repeated purchases from your customers. There will be less complaints or negative feedback from your customers. Moreover, how your customers are contacting your customer support department also shows whether your cx elements are effective.

Let’s take another look at how you can measure customer satisfaction by looking at what are the elements of customer experience. First of all, you can run online surveys or send emails to receive online reviews from your customers to improve your customer experience roadmap. Receiving online reviews and ratings from multiple channels can be difficult to manage. This is why Xoopah brings you an online reputation system for managing and responding to reviews. Another factor you need to look at is the churn rate which is defined as the rate at which customers do not come back for future purchases. There might be some issues with your customer buying journey which reflects in their further purchases.

Next, in order to measure whether your customer experience is excellent or not, you can look at your customer loyalty. Your loyal customers are more likely to bring their friends and family to your business. They are also not erred by price hikes on your products and services. Your loyal customers also share a positive sentiment towards your business.

Now that we have a clear idea of how customer experience is shaped to represent customer loyalty and satisfaction, let’s take a look at what shapes and influences customer buying behaviour.

What factors influence the customer buying experience?

Customer buying behaviour is influenced by certain factors which decide whether the customer experience will be positive or negative. First of all, how your customer lifecycle journey is shaped matters a lot. If your customer has to wait long hours until your customer support agent replies to their queries about your product then your customer is likely to get frustrated.

Moreover, payment methods and invoicing processes are also important. With Xoopah, businesses no longer have to create invoices manually or wait for payments. We have streamlined the customer related processes for marketing and other customer facing teams. This is how you can also improve your customer experience. Now that we have a clear idea of what shapes customer experience, let’s take a look at the elements of customer experience.

What are the elements of customer experience? See these top 4 cx elements:

  • A smooth customer journey

smooth customer journey

As mentioned above, your customer journey is the core of your cx elements. Your design team should ask how easy it is to do business with your brand and then manage the needs and expectations of your customer base. Not only this, your brand and customer experience should also remain consistent with your growing customer base. You must know how you want to treat your customers and then design your customer experience roadmap. Who initiates the communication? Who manages the conversion process and sends the invoices? How do you want to manage your online payments? What should be your core brand values?

Inspiring loyalty in your customers should be your focus when it comes to designing the customer experience roadmap. Basically your customer should feel the process of completing a purchase or contacting customer support is easy. That would imply that your customer has had a positive communication with your brand. Then when you receive positive feedback on Google or any other media channel, you can use Xoopah to manage your online reputation.

  • Delivering customer promises and expectations


Managing and meeting customer expectations are the basic tenets of your customer experience. A way you can gauge customer expectation and what you’re promising as a brand are reflected on how your customers are interacting with your brand on social media. First of all, you need to take a look at what products and services you’re offering. Your brand value and unique selling point will determine how you have an edge over your competitors. Then, the audience you’re catering to will expect a certain level of deliverance because they resonate with what your brand stands for.

Your cx elements should deliver what you promised to your customers at every step of the way. Moreover you can learn about customer expectations by conducting surveys or simply interacting with them through social media. Running twitter or Facebook polls is a great way to guide your customer experience with the help of your customer base itself!

  • Personalised messaging

personalized message

The best way you can connect with your customers is to make sure that every communication is unique to them. Personalised messaging includes offering discounts and loyalty programs customised according to their taste and recurring purchase. For example, you send a 10% on every purchase for customers who have completed a whole year of subscription based scented candle sets.

Remember to go beyond the regular personalised email or reminder for completing their purchase instead of abandoning their carts. Remember that people always remember brand impressions every time they look to make a purchase. Your personalised recommendations based on analytics gathered by AI to see what certain customers are searching for can also serve as a marketing tactic.

  • Consistent customer support

First of all, you need to make sure that your customer support team is using automated responses or chatbots to show that you care deeply about their concerns. Developing your own knowledge base and FAQs will allow you to maintain better customer support. Other than that, if your customer requires a customised solution then make sure that you have enough insight into the customer issue before you start responding to the customer. You can also integrate customer ticket management software or a portal to improve your customer support team’s performance. Managing your negative feedback regarding your customer experience is also important for maintaining your online reputation. This can be done with the help of Xoopah to manage all incoming customer reviews. Now, responding to any kind of review or feedback does not have to be tiresome.

Definitive customer experience roadmap you can use to now develop a better brand and customer experience is not difficult if you have a grip over what sets your business apart, your values, your customer journey etc. The best customer experience roadmap examples include developing a strategy on the basis of awareness, acquisition, competition and then loyalty. This type of customer experience roadmap examples would be applicable to SaaS based products like subscription management software.

All in all, your customer experience roadmap should encourage positive engagement at every step whether it is inquiring about the product initially or simply asking about the delivery update on a package. Customer satisfaction can only be gained if your own workflows and company culture reflects what you want to project to your audience. So, make sure that all of your customer-facing teams are on one page about how they appear to their audience and then what tools they’re going to use. We at Xoopah are helping businesses develop a closer relationship with their customers. Join our list of successful businesses and take that leap of faith to start today.