Booking & Scheduling

Schedule more appointments

Streamline your business by managing your schedule with our
all-in-one booking solution.

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Build and manage your client

Confirm bookings, updates, send email reminders
at any time, any date and personalize each reminder for
your customer.

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Easy appointments for you and
your clients

Book appointments with clients, schedule, reschedule or
cancel them through our dashboard.

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Calendar Management

Get the flexibility you need to make online scheduling work for
your business by managing all your calendars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Booking tool offers you a convenient way to schedule appointments. If you or your employees are constantly dwelling on calendars, searching for appointment details, or losing time while scheduling and organizing, rather than preparing for the meeting and focusing on sales, then it’s a good decision to switch to an online booking system.

Appointments can be scheduled using two ways:
• By filling up the booking form that will be exposed externally on website, Google, or social media pages, etc.
• You can manually set an appointment for any customer within the Xoopah Platform.

While creating an appointment/booking, available slots of business will be generated based on chosen service and chosen date. Appointments can be synced with the calendars (Google only for now) of the business, they can be rescheduled and cancelled as well. After booking an appointment for any service, reminder emails will be dispatched to the customer.