Content Elements

This section consists of all the elements that make up the content of your web pages. The list of content elements include Headings, Text Block, Buttons, Portfolio and many more. Most of these content elements can be placed inside the Layout Elements to create a great user experience.

1. Text Block

This element will allow you to add content within your web page. When you drag this within any layout element and click on it, a “Text Block” window will be opened. You can edit content, set heading (from H1 to H6), make content bold or italic, add an image, and much more. You can format whole content to make it easy to read and understand. Not only this, but you can also interlink your other inner pages on the same window.

2. Accordion

3. Animated Countdown

4. Separator/Whitespace

5. Special Heading

6. Icon

7. Icon List

8. Button

9. Fullwidth Button

10. Icon Box

11. Button Row

12. Content Slider

13. Headline Rotator

14. Notification

15. Tabs

16. Promo Box

17. Table

18. Fullwidth Sub Menu

19. Page Content

20. Testimonials

21. Animated Numbers

22. Social Share Buttons

23. Code Block

24. Timeline

25. Progress Bars