Edit & Customize Your Xoopah Website

Once your site is live, there are a few things you can do to encourage its growth and success. Don’t just leave it to languish all alone – instead, make regular tweaks, edits, and changes to keep your site fresh and relevant.

Here is how to start editing your Xoopah website yourself:

  • Select “Edit my Website” on your Customer Dashboard, to access Editorial Access for your website.
  • Once you complete the steps, you will be redirected to the Editorial Console.
  • On the top of that page, click on “Edit Page” option. You will then be redirected to the backend of that specific page.
    Note: In case, if you want to edit a page other than the Home page, just go to the page and follow thesame process to edit it.
  • Now, you can edit content – update old information, add extra sections to old pages. Fresh content will not only keep your visitors happy, but it’ll also show Google that your site is relevant and active.

For a better understanding, we have explained each section separately, have a look:

1. How to Change the Banner Image

  • Click on the “Fullwidth Easy Slider.”
    Banner Image
  • On “Fullwidth Easy Slider” window, click on the image section (a slider).
  • On “Edit Form Element” window, click on “Change Image” button.
  • Select and upload a new image from your device and save it.
  • Now save changes on “Fullwidth Easy Slider.”
  • Update your web page and preview the changes.

2. How to Change the Banner Content

3. How to Add Multiple Images to the Banner

4. How to Add Video to Your Banner

5. How to Add Another Image to the Banner Along With the Content

6. How to Edit the Content of Existing Section

7. How to Change the Color of Content

8. How to Change Existing Image

9. How to Add New Section to Your Web Page

10. How to Add a Sub Section to the New Section

11. How to Add a New Content Section

12. How to Add New Images

13. How to Add New Videos

14. How to Add Button To Your Website

15. How to Add Social Media Icons

16. How to Add Testimonial Section