Let Xoopah automate
your GMB management

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Let Xoopah automate your
GMB management

If you want customers to find you on Google, you need a great Google My Business
page, but what if you want more control after setting up your page?

With Xoopah, you can connect, sync, and manage your GMB.

Allow us to take care of the tasks for you! The Xoopah Platform enables businesses like
yourself to automate your Google My Business management.

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Google My Business: The smarter way
to represent your business online

Managing your business listing in Google My Business is important as it will play a role in how
you rank in Google search results and where your listing appears in Google Maps.

To improve your rankings, you need to take some time to
optimize your GMB listing, i.e., Xoopah helps you
accomplish the following by means of updates and edits:

Manage Business details
Manage Business Address
Manage Business Services
Manage Business Hours

The goal is to provide customers with useful information
about your business when they search for you on Google
or use Google Maps to find you in their area. This
information could help them decide whether or not they
would like to visit you and make a purchase, which could
generate conversions for you as well as revenue.

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Why create a Google My
Business account?

If you’re already a local mainstay or are just starting a business, how do you tell potential customers about
yourself when everyone else is fighting for their attention? You need to take control of your presence on
Google Maps, but how do you know how to rank higher in searches?

Provides customers with
accurate information

Helps rank higher in
search engine results

Improves website

Gives customers
directions on mobile

Gives prospects
one-touch calling for
easy communication

Xoopah will give you a competitive edge over your competition. We've made it easy to showcase what
makes your business unique from the rest of them and get people into your doors. We believe that all small
businesses deserve a fair chance at success, which is why we offer this service at a low cost. Contact us
today to see why Xoopah is right for you!

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Claim your business listing
with Google My Business
for better conversions

Whether you're just getting started or need a refresher,
this guide will take you through the essentials of
managing your Google My Business account.

How to claim an existing Google
My Business profile

Whether you're just getting started or need a refresher, this guide will take
you through the essentials of managing your Google My Business account.

Step 1: Find your business on Google Maps. Xoopah lets
you update the details of your listing so customers can find
you easily.

Step 2: Increase visibility on Google Maps with one click.
Click the Own this business? The button now to claim your
listing on Google My Business!

Step 3: Can't find a listing you want? Request access or

Step 4: In case you’re business listing hasn’t been claimed
then you’ll see a prompt that says “Manage Now”

Step 5: Claim Your Profile - Once you fill out a profile and
verify it, Google will send a PIN to your registered mailing
address so you can claim it.

Xoopah gives you access to everything you need to publish and manage your profile, including recent reviews, customer
feedback, upcoming events, contact information, and other vital details.

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How to Create & Verify a New
Google My Business Account

Boost your search engine ranking today! Claiming
your free Google Business Profile will make it
easier for consumers to find you when they
search online.

By adding products or services, images, videos, or
an RSS feed to your profile, you can offer a
personalized experience for potential

By verifying your listing with Google as the rightful
owner and including a digital verification image on
your profile page, Google will notify searchers
that you are open for business.

What you need in order to claim and
verify your business on Google

Providing accurate information for your business, responding to customer reviews, and
attracting new customers are all important ways for businesses to grow their customer base
and rank higher on Google search. You can't achieve those goals without creating a verified
Google My Business account.

How to verify your business on

The goal is to take control of your Business profile by
signing up for a Google My Business account.

The steps to complete the process are as follows:

  • Make sure you have a standard Google
    Account for your business.
  • Make sure you have a Business Profile.
  • Create a Google My Business account.
  • Request to claim your Business Profile.
  • Verify ownership of your business.

Step #1: Make sure you have
a Google Account for your

If you already have one - make sure it's not your
personal use Google Account, skip down to Step 2

If you don't have a Google Account for your
business, follow these easy steps below

  • Go to accounts.google.com/signin.
  • Click “Create an account.”
  • You’ll see a drop-down with two
    options. Choose “To manage my
  • Supply the necessary information.

Step #2: Make sure you have a
Business Profile

Your Business Profile is how people will find your
business if they look it up on Google. It includes a
map of where your office or store is located so
people can find you easily when they're nearby.
You'll need to sign up for an account on Google
My Business first, which will allow you to create a
new Business Profile for your company - but then
the next step is simple: Claim the Page!

If you know how to create a Business
Profile, skip this step. Otherwise, do
so by following the steps below.

  • Go to Google.com/maps.
  • Search your business name.
  • If you see your company's name
    populate in the drop-down list,
    then you're all set! You can head
    to Step 4 now.
  • Select Add a missing place, and
    you'll see a screen that looks
    like this.

Step #3: Sign up for a Google
My Business account

Linking your Google account is an important step
in claiming your Business Profile on Google (or as
we like to call it, registering your Google My
Business account).

  • Login into the standard Google Account
    for your business
  • Go to google.com/business.
  • Select “Manage now.”

Complete your business profile by updating
information such as category, address, location,
phone number, website, business description, and
hours of operation. Upload photos. If you have an
offer or deal (e.g., half-off services), specify it as

Step #4: Request to claim your
Business Profile

Google My Business connects you to Google
Maps, Google Search, and Ads--so it’s important to
verify ownership of your business.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Business Profile on
    Google Maps or Google Search.
  • Request ownership by clicking I
    want this business.
  • Fill out the form with an official
    document proving you own the
    business (i.e., tax ID number or
    other accepted document)
  • Approve verification requests by
    clicking Verify.

Xoopah: A Robust and Dynamic Solution for
Small Business to scale leads through GMB

With Xoopah you can put your business on the map and make it easier for
potential customers to locate your business.

Increase customer reviews, manage all your communication with customers
seamlessly over text messaging and email and get the most of Google My
Business visits with Xoopah!

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