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Management Platform

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Want to improve how your
business is perceived?

The positive online reputation of businesses attracts
potential clients and retains existing ones. The
majority of the customers are willing to pay a
premium for businesses that have a high positive

In today’s world of Yelp, Google, and Facebook
reviews, customers increasingly turn towards the
world wide web to look up businesses and reviews
about its services.


People read reviews
before purchasing


People do not prefer
businesses that
manipulate reviews.

Building Reputation is Tough
- Simplify it with Xoopah’s
Online Reputation
Management Platform

Get access to an all-in-one platform which makes it super
easy for small and medium-sized businesses to manage
customer reviews, online interactions and online
reputation of the business & its services.

Xoopah offers its clients the ease of managing customer
interactions with a single platform, integrated to provide
businesses with access to manage:


Online Reviews:

Pull feedback and reviews from
multiple sources into Xoopah’s online
platform, which help your business
create personalized interactions and
cater to multiple feedback in real-time.


Online Surveys:

Gather feedback from your customers
using Xoopah’s customer interaction
tools which enable SMS and Email


Reputation Monitoring:

Gather reports and systematically view
your findings, everything in one place.


Be Transparent for your
Customers with Xoopah’s
Online Reputation

Transparent businesses = Trusted Business

In the age of social media, businesses that manipulate
or censor customer reviews quickly lose existing and
potential clients. This is why you need to build
complete transparency around your business, making
it easier for prospective customers to navigate through
your services.

With Xoopah, you can organize, track, and make
informed decisions based on your customers’
feedback and reviews about your business. The all-in-
one platform allows you to track existing and future
customers, their experience, purchases, feedback,
and reviews to attract more clients.

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Build a Loyal Customer Base - Xoopah
Online Reputation Management

A loyal customer base is more likely to recommend your services to others.

Around 81% of customers
trust recommendations
coming from their family
and friends.

To build trust and a positive reputation, businesses
need to beef up their online reputation management,
which they can do by


Being Human

Despite the advancements of
AI and self-service tools,
many customers still prefer
human interaction over bots
and automated messages.

Establishing Communication

Develop touchpoints for your
customers and keep them up-to-

Becoming Transparent

Make reviews & customer
feedback visible on all platforms
so that the customers know
how good your business is at
what it does!

Monitoring Feedback

Keep a close eye on
feedback and reviews from
different sources such as
your business website,
social media, surveys, &


Get the Right Tools to Manage
Your Online Reputation

Maintaining & servicing reputation and having a loyal customer base is as important as building it. Your
small and medium-sized business needs the right tools to manage your online reputation.


Create and manage your
Google My Business Profile


Manage your Service


Automate Scheduling
& Client Updates


Manage all your business


Manage Payments & Dues


Communicate with
Customers via Email & SMS
for constant updates

Poor Reputation Leads to
Loss of Customers

Online Reputation Management is essential for
businesses who want to succeed in today’s digital world.
Dissatisfied customers often turn to social media to
express their experiences. An ill-managed reputation
leads to

Prospective clients turning away

Multiple negative reviews and unanswered
queries can deter potential customers.

Negative perception about the business

People with bad experiences with your
businesses spread the word online and off-line,
leading to a tarnished reputation.

Lack of brand loyalty

Customers dissatisfied with a service often do
not avail of it again.

Decreased revenue

Lost customers mean lost revenue, and
prospective customers turn away from
businesses with a bad reputation.