Billing & Invoices

Get Paid faster than ever

Small businesses that collect online payments see an increase in
revenue. Get paid faster when you allow customers to find, book
and pay for your services online.

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Collect payments via
SMS or email

Send SMS or email payment requests to
customers and let them pay you from their
smart phones.

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View invoices on a single

Get a detailed view of your invoices and payments—
right from your dashboard.

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Seamless payment experience

No matter how your customers pay, we’ll make
sure the transaction is convenient for both you
and your customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment can be collected by sending the customer a payment link via Email or SMS. The payment link is integrated with Stripe and Another way is to process payment via Visa or Mastercard by entering card details in the "Collect Payment Now" tab of "Get Paid" option, either from Contact Hub or Bookings.

Through "Get Paid" option provided in both contact hub and bookings. If it has to be a booking-less invoice, use get paid of contact hub. If the invoice is generated against a booking, use the get paid option of bookings module. Remember, you can't delete an invoice.

When you create an invoice, it asks you to send it to the customer via SMS or email. However, you can send it again through email, from invoice module by clicking on "Regenrate payment link" option against a particular invoice.