Xoopah is the #1
Podium Alternative

Podium Alternative That Will
Enable your business to
grow locally

Xoopah is an online platform that is redefining the
modern relationship between the clients and the
businesses with tools to take responsibility for online lead

Xoopah is the #1 Podium Alternative:

We provide an easy way for companies to
manage their customer conversations from
start to finish.

We do this through text messaging, email
marketing, flexible CRM design and prioritized
customer service experience designed for both
small and medium businesses.

Create your own cohesive communication
strategy today with Xoopah: the customer
communication platform that empowers you
to take control of your online reputation!

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Reinvent How You Manage
Google My Business (GMB)

Managing your business through Google My Business
(GMB) is a challenge. We’re the best Podium Alternative
- Xoopah can facilitate growth through GMB through
our platform by:

Provides tools to strengthen GMB listings and to
combat negative press

Use Xoopah daily to help build positive rapport on
Google My Business for your clients.

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Get paid more effectively
with Xoopah

With Xoopah as your partner, you can provide
superior customer experience to all your clients
by making it super-easy for them to pay online
for availed services.

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What makes Xoopah the number #1
Alternative to Podium?

Xoopah is a popular alternative to Podium used by thousands of
businesses to improve their online presence and attract new customers.

Our platform helps generate
customer reviews to improve
your online presence

Unified inbox tool streamlines
conversations with customers

The primary method of generating
reviews are email and text
campaigns. You can send these
messages automatically following
appointments or transactions.

Xoopah enables your business to be found online

There are people looking out for a business like yours
- The business that stands out as the most complete
service provider and clearly differentiated will win.

With Xoopah you can be that business. With our
platform you:

Be a modern customer experience platform that
helps businesses be found online

In potential customers understand your service
offering easily and make purchase decisions on
the spot

We facilitate your business in being the best
service provider in your niche

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Get paid in a more effective
way with Xoopah

You don't need a collection agency when you have
Xoopah. Streamline your receivables process and
accelerate cash flow without paying an arm and a leg for
invoices with our automated small business invoicing

With Xoopah you can accelerate your payment processing
by completing transactions through Email and SMS.

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