Here's all the information you need regarding our rebranding from to

1- Why did we rebrand to

Xoopah was created to ensure we could achieve our vision as a company. Not only did we just want to provide innovative web solutions, but we also wanted to ensure our clients have multiple digital solutions/tools that can help in growing their new businesses.

2- What new additions can clients expect in the future?

Alongside introducing new website features, over time we will be adding a host of new products, even better customer service and ensuring our clients can get their websites created as easy as possible via our new features

3- Does anything change for our current clients?

We want to assure you that our process will stay the same. You will have the same teams working on your website, and everything will transition smoothly from to

4- Will there be an increase in Subscription/Web Design fees?

Not at all. Our prices will remain the same for all our clients. And, not only that we will be adding more subscription and package options in the near future.

5- Does anything change regarding website hosting?

Your website will still be hosted on our secure servers. Everything there remains the same. Also, we’ve further re-enforced our security to ensure your websites are safe and sound.

6- How can I reach out to my Project Manager at Xoopah?

Simply reply back to any e-mails you will have received from your Project Manager or use your account credentials to log in and post via your accounty

7- What will your invoices state?

Initially your invoices will state LLC DBA In case you have any confusion regarding your invoicing, please e-mail

Thank you for your cooperation!