• Xoopah will only commence work on a Project after receiving 100% of the Project fees from the Client.
  • If the Client cancels the order after purchasing a domain, we will deduct a domain fee of $20 from the refund amount.
  • No refunds will be issued for website orders after 15 days of the order creation.

Clauses to the Xoopah Logo design guarantee, whereby a refund is ineligible:

  • If you’ve already confirmed or approved acceptance of a logo design, this represents acceptance of the final project, serving as an implicit statement of satisfaction.
  • Failure to communicate your dissatisfaction more than fifteen working days after presentation of a concept(s).
  • Once you’ve assumed final delivery.

Clauses to the Xoopah website & development design guarantee, whereby a refund is ineligible:

  • You have approved the 1st draft of your website (designed & developed).
  • If a project is cancelled or postponed, after 15 days of payment, the amount will be retained by Xoopah.
  • If you do not communicate with Xoopah for more than 15 days following the submission of web design, or web development.
  • Client fails to produce needed materials, imagery, or content agreed upon prior to starting project.

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