Online Reputation
Management for Small
Businesses in the US

One out of three customers who receive a response to an online complaint end up
reposting a positive review. This means that managing your online reputation is really

Xoopah helps with online
reputation management for
small businesses.

  • Consumers turn towards online markets as they
    have more choices and easier access, making a
    positive online reputation critical.
  • Xoopah’s online reputation management platform
    help businesses identify the key areas contributing
    towards a company’s reputation.
  • Does your reputation need to improve? Does it
    need to be maintained? How can it help your
    business? Let’s go into the details.

Xoopah is the Best Online
Reputation Management

We provide the best online reputation management
platform that helps businesses scale their online
profitability by:

small-businessEnabling you to easily manage your online

small-businessFacilitating you in having consistent
business listings across the board including
Google My Business using one dashboard.

small-businessMonitor and respond to all your customer

How to Manage Your
Business' Online

Before customers go to any review site, they search what
they need. That puts your business at equal footing with
your competitors if you are structured to attract that

You control the narrative by turning a negative customer
experience into a positive one, and your online reputation
will remain positive.

An unresponded negative
review will:

  • Deter prospective customers.
  • Reduce (or even eliminate) brand loyalty.
  • Hurts revenues.

Xoopah’s powerful dashboard puts you ahead of any potential negative backlash through Google My Business reviews. Our platform is specifically designed for
small businesses to thrive because their budgets are limited, and their reliance on customer reviews is crucial.


With Xoopah, you can
manage your online

We provide the best online reputation management
platform that helps businesses scale their online
profitability by:

small-businessLook at the review generation and
management process.

small-businessKeep track of your online

small-businessReview the marketing campaigns to counter
the negative reviews online.

small-businessGet customer surveys to have a better idea
about the customer's perception

Xoopah gives you access to everything you need to
publish and manage your profile, including recent
reviews, business hours, upcoming events, contact
information, and other vital details.

Through Xoopah’s reliable and robust tool, you can
maintain a steady pipeline of customers.

Improve your Word Of
Mouth Reputation

  • On average, word-of-mouth drives $6 trillion in
    annual global spending and is responsible for
    13% of all sales!
  • Word-of-mouth is even more effective than
    paid ads, resulting in five times more sales.
  • 28% of people say that word-of-mouth increases
    brand affinity

With Xoopah’s online reputation management platform,
you can have your piece of this pie.

Small businesses thrive on word of mouth and cannot
afford to spend fortunes like large companies on disaster


Cultivate a Brand

Customer loyalty is not easily earned, yet easily lost.

Using Xoopah to build an effective online reputation
management strategy, you can generate customer
loyalty like clockwork. Take complete control of your
GMB, cultivate and improve your online reputation.


Business Insights Done

With Xoopah, you get smart insights into how your
customers interact with your GMB profile.

You can even use Xoopah to build a CMS for leads.


Xoopah: A Robust Solution
for Your Small Business

Xoopah allows you to leverage your GMB profile to
use it for online reputation management and lead

It is an easy-to-use solution with the shallowest of
learning curves. So, capitalize on this digital solution
and start scaling your small business.