Business Simplified

With new updates, it is now easy for local businesses to
build online presence using google my business plugins,
organize user contact lists, create invoices, get paid fast
using contact-less payments, run marketing campaigns
and respond to reviews on google.

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What happens to my existing services?

Naturally you will have questions about what happens to your existing account.
Here we will try our best to address your concerns.

Can I access my website
services suite?

We are not changing your old order
management platform and services suite.
Website fix and update requests will continue
to be handled as usual.

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How do I access my website?

To access your website simply follow these

1. Login to Xoopah with your existing

2. A new dashboard screen will open with
menu on the left hand.

3. Scroll down on the menu until you see the
Sites option.

4. Select Sites.

5. Your order management system screen
will open with all features intact.

Do I have to pay any extra

You don’t have to pay anything extra. Period. Your
subscription amount will remain unchanged.
Moreover, you will get to access a whole bunch of
features exclusively available to a select group of
customers- for FREE!

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