Customer Communication
Management Platform
for SMBs

The most important part of a good customer experience is customer communication. To
ensure that you are in touch with your customers, you need the best-in-class tools to
retain and service them from multiple channels.

With Xoopah you can leverage communication through different channels to deliver an
overall and consistent customer experience.

Xoopah’s Contact Hub

Contact Hub streamlines your company's operations and
customer communications. Sending messages, emails,
collecting payments, assigning clients to groups, and sending
promotional offers are all made simple using Xoopah’s
Contact Hub.

By equipping your small or medium-sized business
with the right tools, Xoopah ensures that top results are
delivered to your clients. With Contact Hub, you can:

customer-communicationCreate outbound customer communication
on multiple channels

customer-communicationAutomate outbound communication
customer-communicationKeep track of customer communication
customer-communicationMeasure performance of customer communication
customer-communicationKeep customers up-to-date
customer-communicationEnhance customer experience

Be Proactive with Customer

Managing customer communication is more critical than
ever. Businesses today struggle with managing customer
relationships & communication due to:

  • Lack of a unified platform for managing
  • Lack of personalization in content
  • Unintegrated systems that do not talk
    to each other

Xoopah’s Contact Hub works for any industry you operate in:



communicates appointment timings & schedules with customers, updates them on their reports, & notifies themof payments.



communicates documentation requirements, claim details, and payment procedures with customers.



Inform customers about new items in stock, promotional offers, and offer loyalty discounts.

A New Solution to Customer
Communication - Xoopah

Traditional methods of arranging & keeping track of
customer communication requires long work hours and
laborious effort, reducing productivity & wasting precious
institutional resources. Around 88% of businesses are not
happy with the way customer-facing communication
is carried out and managed.

  • Multiple silos of information & customer
  • Multiple platforms for different channels
  • Generic messaging to all customers, despite
    demographic differences
  • Laborious communication documentation
    handling, off and on-line

Xoopah transforms how you manage these communications
and multiple channels, all from one platform, giving your
business the ability to harness the power of customer data
to design, create, and manage all sorts of communication
with the customer.


Beef up Customer Experience
with Xoopah

Today’s businesses are omnichannel, with a presence on multiple platforms &
mediums and the need to service all in real-time.

Customer Experience has become more critical than ever, giving way to innovations
and development in communication.


buyers are willing to pay more for a
great customer experience.


Buyers have made impulse purchases
after receiving a more personalized


Is the premium customers are willing to
pay for superior customer experience


Xoopah’s All-in-one
Customer Communication
Platform allows:

  • Assimilation of customer data from different
    sources such as CRM software, Finance, and Sales
    data, for easier identification of what the
    customers want to hear
  • Creation of customer communication according to
    segments created based on demographics such as
    purchasing power, locality, preference, buying
    pattern, & customer activity
  • Reduction of human error by organizing all your

Engrain Customer Service
in your Culture:

Creating a culture around superior customer
service and experience is complex, and
organizations often struggle with handling
customer communication the right way. With
Xoopah, you can create an outbound strategy for
your customers that focuses on



Improve the content to your customers, making it more personalized and relevant.


Quick Communication

Service your customers instantly and with the correct information so that they are not left waiting for a response.


Instant Resolution

Create tickets & resolve complaints and queries instantly with a one-stop solution for all customer communication.

Build cross-functional visibility and access to
Customer Communication for all stakeholders
within your organization.