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Reach your patients, wherever they are.

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Xoopah offers its clients the right
tools to become discoverable and
visible, regardless of the business.

By harnessing the power of the world wide web, Xoopah
provides an all-in-one platform to its healthcare clients so
that patients have access to its services without any hassle.

Get new patients
Service patients quickly
Build a successful digital presence


Your One-Stop Solution
for Superior Patient
Experience - Xoopah

Xoopah empowers your small business with the Digital
Infrastructure that enables you to onboard new
customers and service existing ones to ensure a high
satisfaction level.

Specifically for small healthcare businesses, Xoopah
offers tailored solutions for its clients looking to

Onboard New

Beef up your lead generation via
Digital Channels to ensure that
potential clients do not overlook
your services.

Read Patient Reviews &
Measure Experience:

Enable your business to gather
customer feedback.


Book appointments automatically &
smoothen the process for every patient
who might be looking for your services

Market & Communicate
via SMS & Email:

Initiate conversations with patients
via Text, notify them about their
appointments and keep them
updated via Email.

Boost its services
via SEO:

Rank high on organic search results,
without the need for high marketing

Generate Digital

Notify customers about their dues and
collect payments digitally, lessening the
need for expensive human resources and improving retention.

Streamline the Digital Presence
of your Healthcare Business

Xoopah offers small and medium-sized healthcare businesses
the right digital platform to boost their business online &
grow exponentially. Giving your business the proper visibility,
Xoopah smoothens the process of acquiring, servicing, and
retaining new patients.

Xoopah’s All-in-one customer interactions platform allows a
new and innovative way to interact and service patients
efficiently. Boost your small healthcare business’ revenue &
growth with the digital connectivity it requires in today’s day
and age.

Engage Patients at the Start
of their Journey


Talk to your potential patients as soon as they visit your website with the WebChat feature. Webchat services can
increase chat-to-lead conversion rates to almost 77%. This way, you can reduce the number of people turning
away from your website without availing of your services and increasing lead generation.


Run marketing campaigns, promotional
offers, share reports with your small
healthcare business patients, and keep them


Simplify communication with patients via
SMS by sharing appointment notifications,
payment dues, links to reports, &
promotional content.

A Unified Patients Interactions
Platform - Xoopah

Reduce the need for multiple software and platforms to manage patient interactions and
transform your healthcare business with Xoopah’s unified customer interaction platform
services. Get a one-stop solution for all your customer relationship tools such as:

Google My Business




Get More Patient Reviews -

Let the world know how your patients feel about your services. Equip your healthcare business with Xoopah’s expertise in gathering patient feedback & integrating it with Google’s search so that when the next customer searches for your services, they are greeted with positive testimonials & recommendations.

Get Referrals Quickly - Xoopah
for Healthcare

Want to spread the word about your healthcare services? With Xoopah, you can empower your customers with the ability to refer your healthcare services to their family & friends with just a few clicks.

  • Generate More Leads
  • Build a loyal customer base
  • Offer discounts and promotions on successful referrals

Gather Patient Feedback Instantly

Keep track of patient experience every step of the way, with easy feedback surveys. Stay up-to-date on how patients feel about your service, to help identify gaps and continuously improve.

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Instant Communication
with Patients

Reach out to your existing and potential patients for
updates about your services, promotions, &
appointment details.

Boost your Healthcare
Services’ SEO

With Xoopah’s tailored services for your healthcare
business, get access to the best SEO practices:

  • Boost your healthcare business organically
  • Rank high on search engines
  • Generate more leads

Engage and Convert
Patients Easily

Stay connected with existing and new patients with
Xoopah’s services tailored for your healthcare