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Are you overpaying for
Reputation Management?

If you want to build an online image that converts potential customers into loyal ones, then Xoopah is the perfect
platform for your business. It’s simple and easy to use with outstanding results without any long-term contracts
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No Long Term

Unlike most other reputation management
services, Xoopah provides an easy way to
get the help you need without any long-term
commitments. You can cancel at any time
and our prices are tailored for businesses of
all sizes with multiple locations!


Published Prices

Unlike Reputation.com, which offers similar
features at much higher prices- we provide
transparent pricing right on the website.
Our affordable and fair rates make us a
more attractive option for local businesses
looking to grow their customer base
without breaking bank accounts in addition
to having access to all of these benefits!


No Setup

We’re committed to providing you with a
seamless experience, which is why we don't
require any upfront fees. Your account gets
created automatically and all of the
appropriate settings are set from day one!

reputation right

Reputation.com only gives you
one chance to get it right

The problem with Reputation.com is that they send cookie
-cutter text messages, making your review requests easy to
ignore and their lack of personalization means fewer
chances for a 5-star rating!

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Find the right customer at the
right time with Xoopah and unlock
more 5-star reviews

Send your customers the perfect personalized text message to make them feel special.
Make sure you follow up with these individuals (automatically) for a higher return on
investment and stellar reviews!

earn more

Earn more reviews from your

Xoopah's AI-powered messaging system is designed to make sure your
customers never miss a chance for feedback. The app automatically sends
follow-ups after they haven't replied or responded appropriately, helping
you secure more reviews!

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Feel like you're overpaying for Reputation.com? Save big with Xoopah! We
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Xoopah is the #1reputation management solution,
so don’t let Reputation.com drag your progress

Xoopah is the best way to manage your customer relationships, giving you everything that Reputation.com offers and more!
Xoopah gives your business the opportunity to be found on search and connect with customers. Our comprehensive
customer experience platform provides everything needed for success, including an online reputation management tool that
can help you maintain a positive brand image in today’s digital world!