Customer Experience Healthcare – Does it Matter?


The Hippocratic Oath establishes standards for treating patients. The essence of healthcare is the same whether treating patients in small clinics or big hospitals: their needs come first. Therefore, it is essential to give importance to customer experience healthcare.

However, healthcare practices are looking at the patient experience through a new lens due to a shift in patient attitude—one that promotes choice in their healthcare options—and the rise of healthcare consumerism customer encounter. This has shifted customer experience healthcare.

Customer experience healthcare refers to a patient’s comprehensive treatment. It includes everything, including wait times in the waiting area, the standard of medical care, the usefulness of the web portal, and more.

Patients now refer to themselves as consumers of healthcare, a word that has become widely used in the field.

Additionally, practises can acquire a competitive edge in the market by enhancing their client experience.

Let’s look into everything you need to know about giving the best customer experience healthcare.

Customer Experience Healthcare


A good customer experience is essential to the success of your organisation since happy clients become loyal ones who increase sales.

It may seem like more work, but concentrating just on the client experience is worthwhile.

Statistics demonstrate that the healthcare sector has one of the poorest reputations for customer service.

Customers share their negative experiences with the healthcare industry in 95 percent of cases. This means that your healthcare institution might sustain collateral damage from a single error in patient communication.

Ensure that all patient queries are responded to promptly and respectfully.

However, the times are altering presently. Healthcare organisations are now aware of the advantages of a patient-centered strategy and how it may increase customer lifetime value (CLTV).

The healthcare sector now has a fresh perspective on customer experience healthcare thanks to digital advancements like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

Such technologies have the potential to significantly enhance the patient experience with healthcare providers, which might increase the customer satisfaction index and increase revenue.

Healthcare Customer Experience Expectations

Due to this shift in customer experience healthcare, customer now have certain expectations from their healthcare providers.

Here are some of the healthcare customer experience expectations that are held.

A Smooth Experience


Patients can have a smooth end-to-end experience through improving interactions between the healthcare practitioner and clients across numerous touchpoints.

By utilising cutting-edge customer experience technologies, retention at each stage—from choosing healthcare providers to making appointments—can be multiplied.

Customers desire for experiences that are more tailored to them. And technology like AI, cloud solutions, live interaction, and big data may be used to deliver such a highly tailored and excellent customer experience healthcare.


The idea of personalization is not new to the healthcare sector. Healthcare personnel have found it challenging to deal with hyper-personalization because of client expectations, particularly those of millennials and generation Z.

Nowadays, personalization in healthcare may go as far as identifying possible health problems and offering 24/7 remote live help.

As a result, there has been an increase in client loyalty and revenue for businesses.

Real-Time Interaction and Support

Remote medical consultations are becoming increasingly popular as a result of patients’ declining health and transportation challenges.

In a Cisco survey, it was found that 74% of patients preferred virtual medical visits over walk-in consultations.

Thus, the majority of healthcare firms urgently want live healthcare help via voice or video chat solutions.

Creating a Better Customer Experience Healthcare


Technology developments and consumer data management are some of the finest methods to enhance the patient experience in healthcare.

These techniques, along with a number of others, can assist your independent practice in giving your client a better healthcare customer experience.

Gather Data

Gathering and safeguarding data is essential to giving your patients a seamless healthcare customer experience.

Customers don’t want to search for records or be concerned that their personal data may have been hacked.

In turn, having access to patient information enables you to give them the most precise and helpful treatment possible.

Customize the Patient Experience

The ability to offer a more individualized treatment experience is one reason why patients choose an independent clinic.

The patient should be aware that you value them as a unique person and are concerned about their experience when visiting your clinic.

Provide Openness

Patients expect and demand clarity from you regarding how you will approach their care and how much it will cost.

Patients are able to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their treatment when there is open and honest communication between them and the healthcare professionals.

Additionally, it increases the degree of respect and trust between you and your consumer.

Make Use of Technology


There are several technologies that may be utilised to improve the interactions between patients and your office.

For quick appointments that don’t require a patient to be in front of you in the clinic, there are different technologies that can help.

Wearable technology may provide you precise information about your patients, their activities, and other crucial details that help you deliver treatment more effectively.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Combining wearable technology with AI can give your patients some influence over their treatment.

Your patient can utilise a wearable device and AI algorithm to assess whether there is a reason for worry, a need to adjust medication dose, or another update to their treatment rather of needing to visit your clinic for routine tasks like checking their blood pressure, for instance.

Achieve Satisfying Results

The result is the most important aspect of the client experience.

A successful result in healthcare can entail a variety of things, but the main objective is to treat the patient and, ideally, help them recover while providing them with the greatest amount of comfort.

Manage Patient Costs

Because healthcare is expensive, your practise should take all steps it can to reduce patient expenses without compromising the standard of care provided to patients.

Additionally, your clinic will improve the customer experience by saving your patients money.

Cut Practice Costs

Another strategy to provide better customer experience healthcare is to stop spending money that isn’t essential.

When you don’t spend expensive resources where they aren’t necessary, you may use the money you save to buy equipment and technologies that will help your patients.

Recognize Your Competitors

To operate a successful independent practise, you must be aware of your rivals’ identities and the services they provide to clients.

Your ability to organise and compare your services favourably against theirs will depend on your understanding of their offerings, prices, and patient results.

Utilizing a contract management solution might provide you access to this crucial knowledge.

Benefits of Positive Customer Experience Healthcare

But why should you even focus so much energy on providing a positive healthcare customer experience?

Promotes Improved Health Outcomes

Patients require individualised care and full information regarding their health. Patients and their families experience a lot of worry as a result of health issues.

Health problems can occasionally change your entire existence. Finding health care professionals who take the time to answer all of your questions and educate you about your health and your care options will help to reduce some of that anxiety.

This is because knowing as much as you can about what is happening with your body, the reasons why specific procedures are being performed, and what to expect during and after any procedure can help to reduce some of that anxiety.

Health care professionals must prioritise treating their patients like people in order to deliver exceptional customer service.

A clinician who conveys compassion in addition to facts can significantly impact how a patient feels about their treatment.

Healthcare workers that provide exceptional patient care are always aware that each patient is a person with a specific set of circumstances, not merely a box to be checked or a conundrum to be solved.

They go out of their way to comprehend what their patients are going through, show them compassion, and do all in their power to make them feel at ease. Thus, providing a positive customer experience healthcare.

Streamlines and Speeds Up both Diagnostics and Recovery Time

Good customer service matters, even while obtaining regular treatment. Scheduling appointments might strain already constrained time frames, particularly if they require extensive travel.

You lose time that you might be using to work, take care of your family, or just enjoy yourself when you have to wait an additional 20 minutes to an hour in the lobby.

You might need to plan routine visits weeks in advance if your provider is often overbooked, which can complicate scheduling even more.

Choose a provider that can provide you an appointment with little advance notice and is known for keeping appointments in order to reduce your annoyance and the time you must take away from other activities.

A speedy turnaround of test findings when undertaking medical screening or a diagnostic procedure helps to reduce unneeded stress as well as the danger associated with postponing treatment.

It is typically unnecessary to wait many days to learn about your health state, and customer-focused medical experts will provide any information as soon as is practical.

Increases Sales Conversions

Customers who previously had the best experience spent 140% more than those who had a negative experience.

Higher customer lifetime value stems from a positive brand experience (CLTV).

Foster Stronger Client Loyalty

Any sort of organisation may benefit from a great experience. Costs for new customers are seven times higher than those for keeping a current one.

Therefore, providing a positive customer experience healthcare makes customers happy and assures that they will continue to do business with you.

Recurring and referring patients are content patients. You may build a devoted fan following by providing excellent customer service.

If a patient receives excellent treatment, they are more likely to return and possibly recommend you and your institution to others.

A patient is more likely to choose the next alternative if they have a negative impression of the facility because they believe that will reflect on the quality of the care they will receive.

However, they would be more inclined to continue using services if they received friendly service. If patients seek you out in the future will depend heavily on the reputation you establish.

Poor Service Reveals Deeper Problems

Customer service performance is both a sign and symptom of deeper organisational problems.

Excellent service providers are likely to have streamlined systems and procedures in place to aid with operations.

Poor customer service may be a result of ineffective processes or a lack of personnel training.

Xoopah and Customer Experience Healthcare

Regardless of the business, Xoopah provides its clients with the necessary tools to become visible and discoverable.

By utilising the power of the internet, Xoopah gives its healthcare customers an all-in-one platform so that patients may easily access its services.

Your small business will be equipped with the digital infrastructure it needs by Xoopah to welcome new clients and provide excellent customer care for current ones.

Xoopah offers the following capabilities:

  • Increase your lead creation using digital channels to make sure that prospective customers do not miss out on your offerings.

  • Give your organisation the ability to collect consumer feedback.

  • Automatically schedule appointments and make the process easier for any patient who may be interested in your services.

  • Text patients to start a dialogue, email them to remind them of appointments, and keep them informed.

  • Gain a high position in organic search results without having to spend a lot of money on marketing.

  • Digitally reminding consumers of their obligations and collecting payments will reduce the need for costly labour and increase client retention.

Final Thoughts

Customer expectations in the healthcare industry are increasing along with digital developments.

In the healthcare industry, remote online consultation, doctor-on-demand services, remote monitoring, and excellent customer service are no longer options; they are now necessities!

With the changing times it is essential to give due importance to customer experience healthcare.

Incorporating tools such as the Xoopah platform can help you do just that!