How To Respond To Positive Reviews: 7 Easy Tips With Examples


Wondering how to respond to positive reviews? While running a healthcare business, it might seem like positive review responses are a dead end but we are here to bring you seven ways on how to respond to positive reviews in seven ways. When it comes to the healthcare industry, positive reviews means other people searching for local healthcare facilities will only trust you if there are a good amount of positive reviews. Putting their health and life in the hands of a healthcare practitioner is a big deal. If you are passionate about your impeccable services then make sure that you learn how to manage your customer feedback.

When it comes to healthcare business, client reviews hold great importance. Statistics show that people look up client reviews before choosing a healthcare service. Moreover, according to the NHS, about 44% of people want to give service feedback after their doctor’s visit.

For your customer facing teams like marketers, CRM team and customer support team, it is crucial to have a set of guidelines to follow while talking to customers. You don’t only need a style guide for responding to negative feedback, there should also be a system in place on how to respond to positive reviews. Note that positive customer reviews create opportunities for related purchases and establish the foundation for a strong customer relationship. You should also add a call to action for your products and service to inspire further sales.

Other important reasons why positive review responses include:

  • Positive review responses increase your chances of improving customer retention.

  • Receiving positive reviews does not only help you with a good reputation, it also establishes good searchability of your business. Google ranking is important for your business especially if you’re looking to target local audiences. Based on your review responses, Google is more likely to rank your website higher.

  • You can even insert keywords in your positive review responses so search engines improve your search engine page ranking.

Some positive reviews response examples


Now that we have shown you how important it is to respond readily to positive reviews, let’s have a look at some positive reviews response examples. You can use these templates to aid in your daily process of replying to positive reviews.

First of all, you need to address them by their name and use your own company name as well. For example, “Hi [name], we at [company name] appreciate you investing your time in learning about our service and choosing us. We welcome you aboard to our family of millions of satisfied customers.”

A little bit about your growing customer base is a humble brag and it shows confidence after you express gratitude in the drafted message. Moreover, you can also utilise this opportunity to share some new product links, tell them about a launch or ask them to sign up for the newsletter. More than this, you need to thank them for sharing their experience with your brand. Establish that they are now part of your brand family.

“Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with the world. [Company name] always appreciates telling how our clothes fit unique bodies. We love that you share the same values of body positivity like us. Might you want to become a part of our health body, healthy mind newsletter? Sign up today for exclusive content and loyalty programs you can be a part of!”

Although these are all other business examples, when it comes to healthcare business, things are not that different. For example, you can start by thanking your patient for sharing their feedback and add a reminder for their next appointment. This way your patient engagement and retention would increase. Moreover, a positive review response will also help you keep track of your healthcare performance. Your customer support team will never miss out on a response.

7 effective tips on how to respond to positive reviews

effective tips on how to respond to positive reviews

Here are some noteworthy tips for your customer support team to follow on how to respond to positive reviews:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you are not responding to each client with a boring template positive review response. While sharing this tip, we are also sharing some positive review response examples. “Hey, Tom, we are happy that your appointment went well. Your health is our priority and we appreciate your time and effort to share your experience with us.”

  • Secondly, ensure that you are thanking your patient not just for choosing your healthcare facility, but also for taking their time to respond to your request for honest feedback. Tell them that you appreciate their honesty and show confidence in your commitment to provide excellent care.

  • You can use keywords for better visibility but be careful of how you use them in your positive review response.

  • How to respond to positive reviews does not simply mean that you’re thanking your client. It should also have some value for your reader. Make sure that you either insert a future reminder for their next checkup or announce a customer loyalty program. This will help you retain your client base.

  • Be consistent with your positive review responses. Same goes for any complaints or unpleasant reviews. Consistency will impact your target audience and motivate them to pursue your healthcare services.

  • When you’re responding to positive reviews, ensure that you have your customer’s patient journey in sync. You can use Xoopah to manage your customer contacts and their information. This way it’ll be easy to use a positive review response as a way to present incoming clients with a thorough view of your facilities. You do not have to share or mention personal details, just enough to show that your facilities are top notch.

  • You can also respond to positive reviews by sharing a survey template to help your healthcare business improve their customer service. However, this is only possible if you are consistent with your response time. This can be made possible if you’re using Xoopah to receive real time updates from all social media whenever someone mentions your brand name.

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