7 Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

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Labor Day, observed on the first Monday of September, is the last hurrah of summer. It’s also the last big sale weekend before the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping seasons begin.

From holiday sales events to social media promotions, Labor Day is an excellent opportunity for small businesses to draw attention to their products and services.

Small business owners have something to think about as Labor Day approaches. Labor Day Marketing ideas not only apply to mattress stores and car dealerships, though if you work in those industries, you may also already be ahead of the game regarding Labor Day marketing. To summarize, any opportunity for a seasonal promotion can result in significant revenue increases for your company. Don’t dismiss it; keep reading to learn how to make Labor Day work for your small business.

Labor Day Marketing Ideas

Check out these seven marketing ideas for your small business for this year’s Labor Day.

 1- Hold a Labor Day sale

Okay, we understand that this one may appear obvious. This holiday, however, brings a sale opportunity you won’t want to pass up. The average American will spend around $150 on Labor Day weekend, making it the first holiday outside of November or December to surpass $2 billion in online spending. Your prospective customers will be willing to spend money both online and in-store.

You don’t even have to be a retailer. For instance, your plumbing company could hold a sale on a popular service. Offer a discount on drain products in conjunction with your sink service. There are numerous sales opportunities available, so choose one that makes sense for your company.

Labor day weekend post by a real estate company

2. Leverage social media posts

For Labor Day marketing, social media is your best friend. A simple “Happy Labor Day” social media post can go a long way, and being present on social media throughout the long weekend doesn’t require a lot of resources.

Pre-plan your Labor Day social media posts using creative tools like Canva to save time.

To increase your social media engagement around Labor Day, consider enticing prospective customers with incentives to follow, like, or repost your content to their network.

This is a very effective and cheap way to get into people’s feeds and boost your exposure.

Labor Day social media post examples

Labor Day social media post examples

3- Make a unique Labor Day referral program

A Labor Day referral program will produce long-term results because it’s timely! A referral program not only helps you to generate buzz among your current customers but also assists you in bringing in new customers.

What are the possibilities for your Labor Day referral program? You should first decide what kind of incentive you’re willing to give your customers in exchange for bringing a friend or family member to your establishment. Simply promote that discount, free service, or another incentive to your existing customers via low-cost channels such as emails or print ads, and you’ll see new customers pour in.

20% off on referral post example

20% off on referral post example

4. Run an Email campaign

Email marketing is the most effective way to increase online sales over the weekend and is a clear winner in our Labor Day Marketing ideas list.

Don’t wait until the last minute before Labor Day to send your emails. Send out your newsletters early to ensure that most of your customers know about your sale before Labor Day Weekend. This increases the likelihood that your subscribers will see the email ahead of time, creating excitement.

Here’s an example of an early Labor Day email:

Labor day sale email

Labor day sale email example.

5. Give Your Customers Freebies or Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate freebies? Freebies are a win-win Labor Day marketing strategy for your customers and brand. It allows customers to receive unexpected free products while also building brand loyalty.

Customers who register online or visit your physical store during Labor Day Weekend are a popular option.

You can also offer free shipping on all products during the Labor Day weekend. According to Fabric, free shipping is the most effective motivator for consumers to complete an online purchase. Shoppers would rather pay more overall to qualify for free shipping than pay for shipping separately.

labor day sale freebie example

labor day sale freebie example

6. Create a blog post for Labor Day

Posting blog articles to your small business website is an easy way to boost traffic. Content marketing is something you should strive for all year, but here are a few blog post ideas for Labor Day:

Labor Day tips: Share tips with your audience if they prepare for cooler weather or plan the ultimate barbecue.

Labor Day family activities:  Show your audience that you care about them and their families by suggesting family-friendly activities for the entire weekend.

Menu suggestions for Labor Day: What is the best part of any vacation? Of course, the food! Share your best Labor Day recipes in a blog post that your audience will devour.

blog post for Labor Day example

7. Participate in Labor Day celebrations in your community

If you don’t have the marketing budget or time to host your event over Labor Day weekend, participating in other local events can be just as effective. Most communities will host craft fairs, barbecues, and other events throughout Labor Day weekend.

Check if there is a local event where businesses can participate as vendors or volunteers. This is an excellent way to promote your company throughout your community while also taking advantage of the Labor Day holiday.

labor day celebrations in community example


These Labor Day marketing ideas demonstrate that you can have an effective marketing strategy without investing time or money. Choose a few methods that appear to be the most feasible and concentrate on how you can make them unique to your company.

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